Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Walk and The Talk.

I miss walking around the streets of Dubai. Even with the intense heat, it's so good to be able to just... walk. I love Lahore more than any place in the world but you just don't have the liberty of walking around the streets here, especially at night. In Dubai, we'd be roaming around at 1 a.m. and nobody gave a shit. No leers, no cat-calls, no inappropriate comments. I'm not saying that's all you get when you're out in Pakistan but come on. It's intensely liberating to just walk around and take pictures and eat and have shee- never mind. Aside from shopping and eating, there really isn't much to do in Dubai either but God, the freedom. I crave that.


Tossup between Steelheart and The Wise Man's Fear. Which one to start first?