Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gimme That.

You know those 70 year old ladies, smelling of moth balls and cat pee and this unique scent of just being old? The ones who refuse to throw certain things away until they have this big-ass pile of trash that they are obsessed with and like I said REFUSE TO THROW AWAY?

Yeah, that would be me. Except for the age and smell. I'm way older and smell way better. Seriously, if my mom didn't run intervention every now and then, I'd probably have a bed made of:

No, not asian women. Of random things I love to collect and don't want to throw away because I have an unhealthy attachment to them. Unhealthy is very unhealthy. 

I AM A HOARDER. I really am. There are a few things that I cannot bear to part with, even if they're old and broken and useless. It used to drive my siblings nuts. They just did not understand. 

See, I love stationary. Papers, pens, pencils, markers, rulers, erasers, fancy envelopes, you name it I had it. And I kept it. And kept it. Refused to use it. Refused to throw it away. By the end of a few years, I had this immense collection in a very very big shopping bag and nobody was allowed to touch it. No, not even mom. Then I moved on to other things...

Stickers. Make up. Jewelery. Old broken headphones. Pretty boxes. Everything was special, everything was attached to a memory (I'm totally making this up, btw. Didn't have any of those lame memory attachments, I just liked the stuff), everything was an unhealthy obsession.

And then my mom decided she'd had enough. I was like an old hobo who was slowly edging into mania. "NO, DON'T THROW THAT AWAY, I WANNA KEEP IT." "Why?" "I JUST DO, OKAY." 

I had piles and piles of random strange things that I loved and everyone else hated. And then the unthinkable happened...

Mama cleaned my room. 

Aka, threw out most stuff. Aka made me give that BEAUTIFUL stationary and those AWESOME stickers to all my younger cousins. And siblings. Oh how that BURRRRNED my heart, seeing the smug grins on my sister's and brothers' faces, finally getting their hands on my holy grail. Here, meet them. 

Brother 1:


 Brother 2 (I know, its a young girl. Shut up. He really was this evil):

Sigh. My heart weeps, mom. My heart weeps.



Fathima Zahra said...

Haha. This is hilarious. No offence. :P

A. said...

HAHAHA. That really cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

lolol, ziadati hai! rona toh banta hai boss :P

Lioness Without A Pride said...

This is not the first I am hearing about this stationery obsession of yours. And I have to say, I unfortunately have to side with your siblings - LIKE ANY OTHER NORMAL HUMAN BEING. HOW CAN YOU HAVE YUMMY AWESOME STATIONERY AND NOT USE IT??? HOW CAN YOU NOT "TRY" THEM OUT ON PAPER AS SOON AS YOU LAY EYES ON THEM??????????????????????? YOU ARE SO WEIRD MARYAM.

I mean I'm not saying you have to finish all the ink in one day, but, I like saving my nice pens to use for special occasions. And normal three-rupee pens for daily use. But I love them all equally. And I don't want to just keep them without using them! The thought itself is maddening to me! *runs to get pencil case and stroke pens for a while*

I'm calm now.

But whatever is said, your mum giving them away to your brothers and sister was a rather terrible thing, I concede.

But ultimately, she won. You lost. All your things, too.

What are you going to start collecting now?

AZ said...

Oh god, I know I'm a little late but I totally have the same hoarding problem with stationary. I literally can not go into a stationary shop with my dad because he never says no and I end buying one of EVERYTHING(ok so I'm exaggerating) but the point is I don't use any of it. There's like this giant stash of notebooks and sketch paper that I refuse to throw away but don't use. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Nina said...

I can't relate to the hoarding, but as for the stationery, I'm with you. That shizz looks way too fancy to even use. I'm afraid that I might ruin it, so I never use it.

aiman qasim said...

oh yes.i can totally relate to this.
u r absolutely right when u mean that each thing has a memory attached to it.i had a pile of stickers,stationary,short stories ,magazines and GOD knows what else.but i guess nothing remains with time.eventually all this stuff gets chucked out by moms :)

Ridx said...

I read this post a long time back. and a lot of things started running in my mind. I have exactly the same problem: hoarding plus the obsession of stationery. OH GOD. thats terrible. My mum keeps telling me to throw some of my stuff but I wont. You know I kept all my pepsi cans safe and even the 'dabbay' of guava juices. :P and my cupboard started to stink like hell. but i dint feel like throwing them. so i took em all out, cut em and washed them from inside with a shampoo and decided to preserve them forever but my mum insisted on throwing them. theres a long list of stuff that i have kept close to myself. let me know if you want an idea of the stuff. :p

Furree Katt said...

HAHAHAHAHA i'm SO sorry i laughed! but this was absolutely hilarious. uff. i don't hoard things so i really can't imagine your pain. but good lord, the GIFs for your siblings were just TOO funny!!!! love your blogggg ♥ ♥ ♥

Eddie said...

aww this is an aww post. :D I can totally relate to that since I still have my crayons with me that I got as a seven year old. Makes it what? 22 Years lol some people havn't even lived long enough yet :P.. Amazing pictures especially the the little girl one lol so menacing haha.

Sofia Shahzad said...

Hahahahaha. I laughed more than I should have. Brilliant ho.