Saturday, January 12, 2013

We're Not All Hazara: We're All Victims.

Regardless of where you live, Shias are being eliminated very efficiently all over the world. You know what the worst part of these tragedies are? The 'after'. Living with this. Living after it. Holding your dead and feeling like your heart will shrivel up and die with the pain and grief and senseless cruelty of it all. The dead... I don't know where they go. But we assume they reach oblivion. We don't. We're the ones left behind, the ones expected to do something about it.

There are peaceful protests happening all over Pakistan today and I'm going to one, too. I saw comments on these event pages and people outright refuse to show up claiming "This won't do any good." Sitting on your ass at home does? I'm not saying we should go out and overtake the government, achieve cures for AIDS and cancer, or establish world peace. What everyone wants right now is support. A participation in these events that tells them you care, that you'd at least be willing to show up with hundreds of other people. If for nothing than standing there, at least SHOW THE HELL UP. Believe me, it is at least way better than twiddling your thumbs, hiding in your room and ignoring the rising death toll on the news everyday. For one bloody day, stop being a cynic and please. Show. Up.

Protest in Lahore today:


Paras said...

Yes perhaps that's what we can do and that is what can really make a difference.
It's so discouraging to know that people are forefront when they have to whine about all the shit that's happening around, they would rant all day and offer their criticisms but they would be the first ones to back out or remain silent once the time comes for protest.
I say let's not give a damn about them and keep doing what we can. One day they might find enough courage to appreciate the efforts if not participating themselves in bringing the change.

aiman qasim said...

true dear :( very true .

Ridx said...

So So True.

Its so human. and at least if one can't take part due to some problems, the person should not belittle the motivation of others while sitting and commenting from their cozy beds.

when i come across such comments that it won't make any difference, i literally feel like cooking them.

everyone should play their part.

Im with you. :)

Misterio Vida said...

well right now i think every pakistani is insecure... probably that is the worst form of govt that is in pakistan right now and anybody can do whatever he/she please as there is no writ of state ..just give a percentage to the political clowns sitting in the parliament and you have your way... 100 people killed in a single day in a single city and look at the apathy of this pathetic parliament and govt! shame