Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fear Breaths.

Guest post by blogger S. K

I tightened my grip around her neck,
Choking my life out of her,
But failed.
I did not have the courage to kill her.
The girl survived.
Now, Confused;
Unable to comprehend if,
This feeling was of contentment or disbelief
I continue my journey.
Unknown destinations;
Unaware of what lies ahead;
I strive,
And she...
Catching upon her breath,
Tries to keep at pace with me.
I asked myself:
                      Why did I let her live?
                      Why bear more painful realities?
                      Why suffer the bitter truth?
                      Why feel the loss of love and never be?
But how could I? The girl was innocent.
Why should she pay for something...
even I wasn't responsible of?
I have no reason,
She had no motive.
I am speechless,
She had no voice.
She misses me.
I've missed her.
'If ever'
My dreams come true:
The 'final destination' revealed
We will be one again.
She can feel me scream but cannot hear.
I can hear her but am unable to feel.
With every breath I question myself.
We part our ways.
 A vast distance between us;

A mileage of reality.
She made me, yet, I failed!
I tried to save her.
I tried...
The girl has not yet died:
Fear breaths.

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