Thursday, November 29, 2012

Of Boobs and Not Lemons.

Guest post from Uncle Fu who seems to dislike lemons intensely. 

What would I do if life gave me lemons?

I wouldn't take them. I don't want lemons. Not really.

What would I do if life made me take lemons; just handed them to me and ran away?

I'd just stand there awkwardly with lemons in my hand for a bit. Then put them on my table and forget about them. And they'd stay there for a while until they go all brown and rot and start to smell. Then I'd throw them away. I really don't want lemons.

I really really want boobs. Not for myself - as in, I don't want to have boobs on me. I just want them.

On a person.

Life should give me a person with boobs. Preferably a person who won't mind if they see the shallow useless side of me. The side that chooses to let lemons rot and not make lemonade. So what I really want from life are boobs. Not lemons.

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Lioness Without A Pride said...

Aw. Such a heartfelt post. <3