Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Am Definitely Getting Old.

Guest post by my friend Adeel who seems to consider himself a buzurg already.

Age is but a number.

Sun sets in the far off horizon on the west side as I get comfy on my terrace with my laptop to write this guest post. It is a chilly November evening hence fun. I love winters in Lahore just for the record, but then who doesn’t. It brings with it, dry fruits and steaming cups of coffee/Tea (whichever you prefer of course) along with ice cream sneak outs which lead to Mom later saying “or khao maa baap say chup kay ice creamain gala kharab kara liya hai na ab”. Ironically the song that randomly begins to play on my iTunes is ‘Endless summer nights’ by Richard Marx. I like his music from the late 80s when I was kid. All my elder teenage cousins used to listen to him, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Madonna etc. Naturally as a 5 year old I liked to do everything they did lol. Fashion sense of the 80s would actually require a whole another post which you may get to see on my own blog =D

That makes me wonder it has been nearly 24 years since I was 5. I will be 30 in a year. Yes you read it right its 30. I know ‘meri harkatain’ aren’t of one (which you will think too once u are done with this post) but ….oh well there goes my 20s. Now that you think about it when it’s all gone, you wonder how the hell did that happen so fast, Or….well did it? All that time spent and only few more years to go provided I die a natural death. Sounds depressing doesn’t it? Well I am not here to depress you guys so no let’s not go down that road. 

I do think I did ok in these years. Criterion of success, for me, involves my relations with people. I am not very ambitious career wise. I like to have a steady job and earn well and provide for my family and take care of them. That’s about it. I never get people who spend all their lives working so hard that they actually end up just working and nothing else. What is the point really if you don’t get to enjoy life you are earning for? I guess everyone makes their own choices. I don’t like to judge anyone for their choices. Success for me is about how good I was with people that came in my life.
I have, luckily, made friends all over the world. It’s fascinating to talk to them. Discuss their cultures, day to day lives. Also the people I have met on the blogosphere. I like most of them. They speak out their minds on their blogs. I read what they write, observe them (not synonymous to stalking), think over their ideas. They are all like different colors in my life. They may not know it =D or I may sound freaky while I say this but no harm in being honest. I prefer avoiding fights and arguments in general though. I guess if you let people be, generally it helps. There are days when you don’t want to talk to anyone but it’s all part and parcel of life. You take it with a pinch of salt and move on. 
Moving on is my favorite thing by the way in life =P . It has helped me so much so many a times from wasting time over stuff that one should not. Although I can’t move on just like that if see any baked stuff or a pizza. I just can’t. I am sure a lot of you would agree with that.

I have no idea where this post is going by the way. Maryam must be wondering
why the hell did I ask this guy to write a guest post in the first place when his own blog was last updated one month ago” =O.  “maro sab mil kay isay’
But Like Ya’alls Moms would say
“Beta koi badtameezi nahin karni in say ‘Guest’ hain” =P
Also I would like to take this opportunity (with both hands) and invite you all lovely folks to come visit my blog ( for a change too. Maybe then I’ll be able to update it at some point =P.

Now that I am finished with the real purpose of writing this post and that is to advertise my own blog, I better run before I get beaten up by the blog owner. (who is my favorite parosi by the way)
Adios Amigos and Amigas (I know this much Spanish at least)


Oh and that’s me in the middle.


Furree Katt said...

So instead of Adeel bhai, I shall call you Adeel Uncle now WAHAHAHAHAHA.

Eddie said...

haha I dont see any reason not to :P

M said...

The last pic is epic n hillarious! I think i'll mark it as my fave.

Eddie bas yehi post ki kami thi. Ban jao uncle tum. I can imagine sare bloggers line mein khare Eid pe eddie se Eidi maangne rahe hain.