Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garlic Mayo.

The chef on TV (I forgot her name) claimed this Garlic Mayo recipe was the same as OPTP's. Needless to say I was all "HEHEHE, PAGAL HO GAYEE HAI KYA, HEHE, CAN'T EVER BE, HEHE." Etc. Imagine my surprise when I tried her recipe and it tasted... Better than OPTP's. See, the OPTP garlic mayo sauce is WAY TOO GARLICKY. You can't have it after it starts cooling off. You can't have it the next day. You eat it and your breath stinks. Just too much garlic and the mayo turns to glue. But okay, I'm rambling. Here you go:

Mayonnaise                2-3tbsp
Garlic                        1 clove, crushed into paste
White Vinegar             1 tbsp
Cream                        1 tbsp
Salt & White Pepper    To taste

 (excuse the bad quality)

So I like my mayo very tangy. Play around with the measurement, you might get a surprisingly good sauce that tastes EXACTLY like you want it to. For more tang, add half a tablespoon more of vinegar. You want it creamier and slightly runny, add more cream. Please make sure the garlic isn't too much because the flavor completely eclipses all the other ingredients. Serve with fries, nachos, chicken wings or whatever strikes your fancy. Enjoy!


Roshni said...

the fries look yummy bro!

fatima said...

these fries <3

The Me. said...

I'm going to give this to my sister. And she's going to make it fo meh. And Imma eat it :D

Daniyal Asif said...

I Don't Want To Spend My Half Year Just To Make Sauce, I Wanna Eat Those French Fries. YES.

ChickLitGirl said...

Thankyouu! Imma try this.

CrazyLady said...

I nominated you for a blog award! Check the last post on my blog behann!

Umniyah said...

going to try for sure now:)