Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Whom?

Written by an Anon friend.

To Whom It Concerns.

It has been two years since I last heard your voice, although I must admit that I occasionally look at the only picture I have left of you. These two years have been difficult, but I have carried on. From being clinical depressed and thinking about you every minute, I have pulled myself together and now thoughts about you only cross my mind once or twice a week.

Has the love gone away? No. Your beautiful voice still echoes in my head and calms me down in times of distress, your words are still distinctly printed in my memory and I remember all the promises that we made. The way I felt about you, when I used to jump around the house when you used to call or had sleepless nights thinking about you.. all these memories remain.

When I look back on these two years, there is so much I need to tell you. Some things that would make you proud of me and some things that I am not too proud of. These years have been tough, but hey.. I am still alive.

I was thinking about you on the way home from work and all the beautiful memories and I couldn’t help but think if you were real or just a person that my sub conscious made up. All the things we had and all the feelings we shared seem so impossible to replicate that I would rather make myself believe that you never existed. I have nothing to prove your existence. I am just a madman who thinks about a lady that probably never existed.  How could you have existed anyway? Nothing in life is perfect, but we were.

But.. I have this picture. A proof that you did exist, I can destroy and believe that you were never there, or keep it with me and cherish all our memories.

I will keep it for the time being. I hope he is everything you ever wanted.

I lied. I think about you every day.. still. But hey.. reality is whatever we assume it to be.. isn’t it?


The Me. said...

Shit this is nice. :\

Latent_Thoughts said...

I don't want to be the person who will say after 5 years, "I should have tried once"; instead I will try and get my message across, my heart knows the answer will be a polite decline but 5 years from now, I will say "I tried"

Rafya Syeda said...

wowww, amazing truly amazingg...!!