Friday, March 16, 2012


This is a guest post written by a friend of mine who shall remain anonymous. Okay? Okay. 

This is for the times I have been used and thrown away, for the times I have been stepped on and nailed on my head, for the times I have been pushed away and abandoned.
All that is left inside me is uncontrollable anger towards the world, for what it never was. For what it is, and for what it is making me. For the fact that I have given this world and the people around me my very best, and it has always taken me for granted. I have helped everyone ever who has asked me for help, done everything expected and demanded of me,

You know how sometimes we keep taking punches to our face and kicks in the balls because it’s convenient that way because if the demon inside us wakes up & start giving people what they give us, things will get uglier and nothing will be the same again? And you keep praying and hoping that you stay calm and let things be, but you know you are on the edge and you will get up any moment now and unleash the fire within.



FarhanJ said...

hang in there...dont give up...have faith in ALLAH and help might just be in the corner....this might me the real test of your faith cause remember before the dawn comes the darkest hour of the night.
quitters never win and winners never quit
hope it helps

Lioness Without A Pride said...


Komal Ali said...

Wow. Some rage and patience there.
I admire your friend. My inspiration comes from people like your friend.

Maryam A. said...

What Komal said. :o