Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Was Way Overdue.

Alright, Twitter just leaves me wanting more than 140 characters to whine.

I'm studying Psychology. I've studied and practice both Clinical and Counseling. That does not give you an open ticket to come to me about whatever you think is a huge problem and start whining.

Okay, that sounds mean. Let me explain. I will listen to your problems. I don't mind. I will also listen to your whining, your incessant "why mes'" and crying. I will also comfort you and offer suggestions that I think may help.
I do not mind. What I DO mind is you being a fucking drama queen. You KNOW you have no serious problems. You KNOW I'm tired, I go through hell at the hospital everyday and you still want 'me time' with me. Tell me just fucking why should I give it to you?

Do you listen to me? No. Do you ask me how I feel? No. Where do I whine? Or wait, am I not allowed to? Seeing as how I'm so 'calm' and 'understanding' and 'wise'? Well, fuck this. I need someone to be MY COUNSELOR. Okay? I want to be selfish sometimes. Sometimes I am just NOT IN THE MOOD for your pseudo depressive stories. You want to know what real depression, real problems are? I can tell you. In great detail. THEY'RE MY PATIENTS.

I want you. To be my friend. And treat me. Like your friend.

Not as a counselor.
Not as a doctor.
Not as a psychologist.

Please. I fucking need to just breathe sometimes and forget for a little while the misery that I see every single day. I don't need you to emotionally drain me, because my profession/ study whatever you want to call it is doing that already. Very effectively. I just don't have anything to give sometimes, you know? I need you to understand. That I can't be all understanding and wise and helpful and nice all the fucking time. I can't. Stop expecting me to be this perfect Mother Teresa and for God's sake this does not mean that you stop talking to me about your problems altogether. I know quite a few people who will take this personally and be offended. I can't do anything about that but for once in both our lives...


Give me some space, sometimes. That's all I need.


A. said...

Yaar Maryam, I have a big problem. Please. Help me yaar...mujhayy....
mujhay...mujhay pottty nahi aati :(

But on a serious note, I feel for you. It is just so annoying sometimes when people feel it's okay to bother you with their problems just because you seem to have it all together *hug*

RZJ said...

Being a doctor myself, I can totally understand what you go through..
I've even been asked once, "Oh doctors bhi beemar hotay hain?"

All I can say: *BIG HUG*

Aamina said...

I feel your pain dear. Been through this myself. Some people are just too self-obsessed to care about others. They are mostly attention seekers who love to complain & whine & want others to give a crap about it.

Rabeea said...

My sentiments exactly! Maybe all psychologists have to put up with this?
In my experience, there are about a 100 people around you when you're willing to listen to them. But when for once in your life you want to whine, there is like, one person left. Its very unfair :(

Furree Katt said...

you know what, it's good to be selfish at times especially in situations like this. you the man. and you know if you write a massive whine-y blog post you'll definitely get loads of attention. from me, at least :3

just curious, how is clinical psychology? do you like it? i'm gonna take educational psychology as my module next yearrr in A2.

@A. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL that made me laugh so hard hahaha thanks for brightening this cold and depressing day for me.

Anonymous said...

With a temper like this, You choose the wrong profession! There are other ways and words to express your feelings. Whining like this in front of whole world wont bring you any good. You claim to be a professional, so suck it up and try to act like one!

Maryam said...

With a comment like that you chose the wrong name, Anon. I don't usually respond to comments like yours but seriously, I've had more than enough. I'm human aren't I? Why shouldn't I be angry or whiny? Where does it say that I have to be professional 24/7? I will choose my words and my ways, thanks. This is my personal space, no matter how public it may be. What I write here is my choice. How about you 'suck it up' and stop reading if it bothers you that much =)

Maryam said...

A: Thanks for the LOL moment, *hugs back*

RZJ: Helps a lot! *hugs*

Aamina: That's okay, sometimes. Everyone does that. But all the time is just bleh.

FK: *hug* You're awesome. I love Clinical Psych, excuse the irony here =P Do keep the Psych module, if nothing else it really opens up your mind!

Lioness Without A Pride said...



Just give that to everybody.

Maryam A. said...

Err, there's nothing I have .. to say that can comfort you. :3



Maryam said...

LWAP: You da man.

Maryam: Haha, reading and understanding is more than enough. *hugs back*

Com said...

I'd politely tell them that I am a bit busy so I'll listen to your problems some other time instead of whining.