Sunday, February 26, 2012


I just realized, I have tons of recipes (tried and tested) stored inside. I've decided I'm going to share them and become LEGENDARY. Okay no, that's just lame. But seriously, I love cooking and even though sometimes I have really bad misses, I'm not... THAT bad =P My brothers eat what I make. That makes me good enough nai to I hear "Duur le jao isay, ganda khaana, kuch nai acha banati!" So if all I get are grunts and "hmmms", well then. My work is done. So, random family blurbs aside, I present to you one of my MOST PRIZED recipes.

DA CHAAT MASALA. *drum roll*

Cumin seeds/ Zeera                                       half cup (ground)
Coriander seeds/ Saabat Dhania                    half cup (ground)
Whole Red Chillies/ Saabat Laal Mirch          half cup (ground)
Salt/ Namakk                                                quarter cup, or less
Sour Mango Powder/ Aamchoor                   one-third cup
Whole Black Pepper/ Saabat Kaali Mirch      1 tablespoon (ground)
Black Salt/ Kaala Namakk                            1 tablespoon
Tartic Acid/ Taatri                                         1 teaspoon (I usually skip this)

Grind whatever needs to be ground (lol) and mix together with all the other spices. Bam, you done.
Easy and tastes really good. Plus, makes about a whole jar. Try it and tell me what you think!

Picture taken from Google. But it looks more or less like this. 


Lioness Without A Pride said...

"Grind whatever needs to be ground"? What kind of recipe is this! You have to TELL us what needs to be ground! We know nothing!
And you also need to tell us what we could use this in. Else sad people like me might put it in everything. And I know that's not meant to be done.

But it does sound exciting. I shall not begrudge you that. Maybe I'll try and make it. I like following recipes too sometimes. When I'm not inventing genius food myself.

Maryam said...

There's a reason I put "ground" in front of the spices -.- Grind those because the rest will already be in powder form. I THOUGHT IT WAS UNDERSTOOD WHAT YOU USE THIS IN =/ =/ don't give me heart attacks, ask your mom she'll know.

Maryam A. said...

I shall make my mum read this :p

Maryam said...

Hahaha theek hai =P

Roshni said...

I want some fruit chaat now. thanks maryam for the craving!

Maryam said...

Hahaha. Aww <3