Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bubble Wrap.

People who say HTC Explorer is a fazool phone can go suck it. I love my phone. Even though now I'm officially bankrupt. But anyway.

I have my 3rd semester viva tomorrow. Then I'll just have the absolute last semester left. In which I have my thesis, placement, case reports, portfolio, plus regular classes and assignments and presentations and quizzes. Get the picture? Nai? I'll send you one soon.

Its funny, I posted every random thing (sometimes thrice) when I was in Honors and now that I've been through the scariest, hardest, cruelest, most stressful one and a half year of my life... I barely wrote anything. I was too busy yes, but still. Lol. I just want a lot of attenshunz and sympathy.

I told my teacher (when she rejected my report yet again) that they expect perfection which is just NOT. POSSIBLE.

Her response: "Hum tum logon ko susraal ki training de rahay hain."

I mean.... Acha. Okay. Baki baad mein sahi.

Hope the 3 people who read this blog are good. 


Daniyal Arain said...

HTC Explorer is an awesome phone. :D

Maryam said...

Haina?! I'm completely in love with it! The display. MY GOD.

Lioness Without A Pride said...

All the best, soldier. This is the last lap. Then, FREEDOM. Or sasuraal. Whichever. :P &hearts You'll knock their socks off!

Rabeea said...

lol that sounds like something Ms. Mahwish would say. Was it her? :D

parases said...

you've bought HTC explorer?? i wanted to buy this one but didnt have first hand experience from anyone who could actually tell me how its looks are. is it cool?? i'm so gonna buy it now.
Ps: which university?