Sunday, February 26, 2012


I just realized, I have tons of recipes (tried and tested) stored inside. I've decided I'm going to share them and become LEGENDARY. Okay no, that's just lame. But seriously, I love cooking and even though sometimes I have really bad misses, I'm not... THAT bad =P My brothers eat what I make. That makes me good enough nai to I hear "Duur le jao isay, ganda khaana, kuch nai acha banati!" So if all I get are grunts and "hmmms", well then. My work is done. So, random family blurbs aside, I present to you one of my MOST PRIZED recipes.

DA CHAAT MASALA. *drum roll*

Cumin seeds/ Zeera                                       half cup (ground)
Coriander seeds/ Saabat Dhania                    half cup (ground)
Whole Red Chillies/ Saabat Laal Mirch          half cup (ground)
Salt/ Namakk                                                quarter cup, or less
Sour Mango Powder/ Aamchoor                   one-third cup
Whole Black Pepper/ Saabat Kaali Mirch      1 tablespoon (ground)
Black Salt/ Kaala Namakk                            1 tablespoon
Tartic Acid/ Taatri                                         1 teaspoon (I usually skip this)

Grind whatever needs to be ground (lol) and mix together with all the other spices. Bam, you done.
Easy and tastes really good. Plus, makes about a whole jar. Try it and tell me what you think!

Picture taken from Google. But it looks more or less like this. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hocus Focus.

Hello, the 2-3 people who read this crap. Or wait, am I exaggerating? Acha dramaz later, I really need you guys to like and spread this page like a viral. Its my friend's page who is a really talented photographer and needs your support. HALAP, PLIS?

HocusFocus Photography. <-- Click here.

I've added the Facebook link to the page, click on it and you'll get there. Thanks, you guys!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I want a month off. No, two months.

I'm really into contemporary fiction these days, some recommendations will make me very happeh, thenkx.

I've notissed I write almost everything the way it shouldn't be written (i.e. 'notissed', 'happeh', 'thenkx').

Angreji kharaab ho jaye gi aisay.

This wasn't what I wanted to post. I completely forgot what I wanted to write here. That happens a lot. My completely forgetting stuff 3-6 seconds after I think it. Okay, now I know my English is failing.

Aaj Vanilla coffee bilkul mazay ki nai thi.

I have a lot of 'ainwaen' posts.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Was Way Overdue.

Alright, Twitter just leaves me wanting more than 140 characters to whine.

I'm studying Psychology. I've studied and practice both Clinical and Counseling. That does not give you an open ticket to come to me about whatever you think is a huge problem and start whining.

Okay, that sounds mean. Let me explain. I will listen to your problems. I don't mind. I will also listen to your whining, your incessant "why mes'" and crying. I will also comfort you and offer suggestions that I think may help.
I do not mind. What I DO mind is you being a fucking drama queen. You KNOW you have no serious problems. You KNOW I'm tired, I go through hell at the hospital everyday and you still want 'me time' with me. Tell me just fucking why should I give it to you?

Do you listen to me? No. Do you ask me how I feel? No. Where do I whine? Or wait, am I not allowed to? Seeing as how I'm so 'calm' and 'understanding' and 'wise'? Well, fuck this. I need someone to be MY COUNSELOR. Okay? I want to be selfish sometimes. Sometimes I am just NOT IN THE MOOD for your pseudo depressive stories. You want to know what real depression, real problems are? I can tell you. In great detail. THEY'RE MY PATIENTS.

I want you. To be my friend. And treat me. Like your friend.

Not as a counselor.
Not as a doctor.
Not as a psychologist.

Please. I fucking need to just breathe sometimes and forget for a little while the misery that I see every single day. I don't need you to emotionally drain me, because my profession/ study whatever you want to call it is doing that already. Very effectively. I just don't have anything to give sometimes, you know? I need you to understand. That I can't be all understanding and wise and helpful and nice all the fucking time. I can't. Stop expecting me to be this perfect Mother Teresa and for God's sake this does not mean that you stop talking to me about your problems altogether. I know quite a few people who will take this personally and be offended. I can't do anything about that but for once in both our lives...


Give me some space, sometimes. That's all I need.

Bubble Wrap.

People who say HTC Explorer is a fazool phone can go suck it. I love my phone. Even though now I'm officially bankrupt. But anyway.

I have my 3rd semester viva tomorrow. Then I'll just have the absolute last semester left. In which I have my thesis, placement, case reports, portfolio, plus regular classes and assignments and presentations and quizzes. Get the picture? Nai? I'll send you one soon.

Its funny, I posted every random thing (sometimes thrice) when I was in Honors and now that I've been through the scariest, hardest, cruelest, most stressful one and a half year of my life... I barely wrote anything. I was too busy yes, but still. Lol. I just want a lot of attenshunz and sympathy.

I told my teacher (when she rejected my report yet again) that they expect perfection which is just NOT. POSSIBLE.

Her response: "Hum tum logon ko susraal ki training de rahay hain."

I mean.... Acha. Okay. Baki baad mein sahi.

Hope the 3 people who read this blog are good. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its A Happy Day.

Which started with both Mom and I crying. Lawwl. Not going there, saansitive topic for now.

But anyway. Even though I had a horrible exam yesterday which went horribly and have a horrible one again tomorrow...

I. Am. Determined. That this is going to be a happy day. I'll make sure of it. See, its kind of like my own jaahilaana (asstremely stupid) experiment type thing cheez kind of. I'm going to do my best to make this day legend-WAIT FOR IT-DARY. No Shreej, I won't write 'dairy'.

Then we'll see. If I succeed or not. I will post...I will. Okay bye now.