Friday, November 11, 2011


We have around 5 cafeterias in our university. Both campuses.
Today we learned our regular cafe wala is shifting over to the main campus, and they're coming here.
Although our cafe wala makes awesome chaye (and they suck) we said okay, we'll deal. We had to duh, not like we had a choice.
But anyway.
Since they were shifting, our campus wala cafe was closed today. So we went over to main.

Girls cafe = closed
Inter cafe = closed
PG cafe = closed
Other cafe which looked more like a drug dealing spot = closed.

Me (after half an hour running around all over the main campus): Humein adha ghanta ho gaya hai khana dhoondtay huay. Hum bhookay hain abi tak.

B: Shut up.

Me: -.-

Then we went to Anarkali which is right beside the uni but takes about 10-15 mins on foot. EVERYWHERE you could see, there were GCU students. The whole university was in Anarkali because there was literally NO cafe open today.

Then we had a weird sa burger. Kahani khatam. But no food *heart-break*
Forever hungry.


Daniyal Arain said...

Weird sa Burger LOL - What was it? Squido Burger ;)

parases said...

KU?? which university i wonder =/

The Me. said...

Weird burgers are the best! >.<

Sana Castellano said...

Forever hungry. Story of my life.