Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I dedicated 18 years of my life to achi khasi heavy education.
8 of which have been totally about studying Psychology.

All I want to do is take pictures.

Should I laugh or should I cry? =P


Daniyal Arain said...

You should not laugh nor cry. I suggest you to take a Camera, go out and take Pictures :P

Lioness Without A Pride said...

^ What he said. *hugs*

At least you know what you want to do!

The Me. said...

But but but but but..
..psychology is fuuun.

Do both. Take pictures. Of your patients.
okay that was lame. Killme.

AZ said...

Well wouldn't it be better if you were freelance? If you took photography professionally you'd stop liking it cause of the deadlines and all.
Do both! Pictures can be a back up plan :D

Maryam said...

I do take pictures. But then I don't wanna work. And then it feels like a waste of my hard work =P

Daniyal Arain said...

If You're Good At Something, don't do it for free. :P

Ovais said...

You should take more pictures. :)

Zeba said...

Your header is AMAZING!! And take pictures. Take take TAKE! And cry or laugh.. Whatever helps you take pictures. :-)

Randomhyper. said...

Anything that makes you happy. Cheesy, I know.

Maryam said...

Daniyal: Genius idea =P

Ovais: I do. I am =)

Zeba: Thank you! I took that myself =D I shall take take take more.

Randomhyper: Sweet too =) Thanks!

Lioness Without A Pride said...

"Should I laugh, or should I cry?" comes in the BGM wala song for this platinum jewellery ad! I KNEW it sounded familiar.

Sana Castellano said...

You are not alone.
I wrote online instead of alone pehle galti se. =p

Maryam said...

Hahaha. Thenx <3
Iz nice knowing you guys are here.