Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post Eid.

May I just say best Eid ever. Best vacation ever.

EVERYONE should go to Kalabagh. And the place near Murree, I can't ever remember the name.

Its so beautiful. I don't have words to describe it. I'll post pictures soon, if I stop being lazy and actually try to upload them. The new header is one of the pictures.

I could live there forever if they had good food. And if I had my laptop with me.


Muslimah said...

ive never gone farther than murree :( oh and kalam for my 10th birthday. lmao

Amna Siddiqui said...

the picture is BEAUTIFUL. And yes, the Murree wala Kalabagh IS awesome :D

Ovais said...

I want to go!

Maryam A. said...

Been there. Its so AWEEEESOME.
Header is pretty. :D

Ps- its hard to read with this new font.

Roshni said...

haha missed technology eh? :p

Aquib Mastan said...

THAT is an amazing header... and what's more amazing is you've been there!
I want to go too :(

looking forward to the images. :)

KN. said...

The IS an amazing header. :D
I swear.

And Eid in cold places is awesome.

Maryam said...

Thanks all, glad you like the picture! Its one of my favorites out of all the ones I took. I'm bragging? Okay *zip*