Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid and Blah.

Week long vacation up in the mountains. Probably with no internet. Duh. But khair, cell phone hai. If the network's available. My phone loves to make me bang my head against the wall and pray for my sanity. I'm in the middle of a text, it turns off. I push the slide up, off, push slide down, off. I call, off, I receive call, off. My phone LOVES turning itself off at various very important moments. Somehow it knows just when to turn off to receive maximum irritated Maryam reaction.

What? I sound crazy because I'm talking like my phone is a person?



Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I know, I know. I'm really late. But you love me anyway so its all good.


I don't even remember when we met (online =P) but I remember how we used to talk all the time. I remember how I was so amazed that there was this girl from India who was nearly my clone, except I'm a lot more grumpy and moody. I couldn't believe how much we clicked and I know this sounds like a love letter but Shreej, you're kind of one of my best friends so I'm entitled.

I love how positive you are. I'm one of the least positive people you will ever meet but you. You've helped me through A LOT of bad spots just by being that awesome. I'm making this all about me, haina? Sorry =P

Also, you've really amazed me with your patience. I gave you so much crap, its unbelievable. I was a sucky friend, admit it. You know I was. And you never once complained. I love you for that, you have no idea how much.

You're my sister. The other one. =P and by default, one of my best-est friends. I love you. Promise.



Friday, August 19, 2011


Its my brother's 19th birthday on the 19th. He said that the 19 on 19. I'm not that lame.


I am. But it was him, I swear it.

Dad and I were sitting watching T.V. a few days ago, because the day was too long which meant the roza was too long. Only a couple hours to aftari, which is the absolute worst time.

I passed the remote to him.

Dad: Mein cartoons laga dun ga phir.

Me: *laughs* sure, sure. Go ahead.

... He wasn't kidding.

I'm a cartoon freak, yes. But I didn't know my baba was as big a fan as I am. Especially Disney. <3

I don't like being home during Ramadan. Yes, you get to sleep in which is awesome. But what the hell do you do to pass the time? I'm usually too busy to sleep/eat/breathe. Yes, of course I'm exaggerating but sometimes I actually am too busy =P Who wants to spend their roza working? Cleaning out cupboards or content writing or report stuff you have to finish. Not me. No.

Sorry. Those are the drugs talking. I'm making my friends angry/confused because I don't know why I'm saying what I'm saying I just ramble. Without commas. Not drugs as in cocaine. Drugs as in antibiotics.

Cocaine reminds me. I had this case report to do on a recovering drug addict. His drug of choice was heroin. I spelled 'heroine' all through my report and never realized till the last second before printing. You guys have NO IDEA how inappropriate that word was in so many situations. What my viva would have been like =/

I don't think I intend to stop anytime soon which would make this a boring story nobody wants to read (feel free to tell me I'm wrong) and so I need to quit.

BUT MERI SIMS NAI CHAL RAI. And I'm so tired of all the other games.

I've read countless books in the past three months. Downloadable books have made my life HEAVEN. I feel good.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011