Sunday, July 10, 2011


Games are a matter of life and death for me.
I can't play without thinking that I HAVE TO WIN YES I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO I MUST.
I break out in a sweat, my heart lodges in my throat trying to pound its way out, my hands shake, my eyes stretch wide, my breathing accelerates and... You understand.

I'm a freak I KNOW but yar. Being pathetic is an art. You can quote me. And also slap me. Because right now I'm talking stupid.


Games. I love games. More the arcade, time management and strategy type. From the Dash games (Cooking. Diner, Wedding Dash) to Barbie to NFS (<3 x infinity) to VCop 2. Haha. Bachon wali choice, yes but I love these games. These are just the bare minimum off the top of my head. I snap at anyone who interrupts and am a very sore loser. Not that I sulk or throw tantrums but I'll be irritated/ frustrated till I can get it right.

Annoying na? I annoy myself too.

Koi baat nai. Procrastination FTW.


Lioness Without A Pride said...

You AND Furree posted about games. At the same time. AWESOME.

Maryam A. said...

OMG. Same thought! @LWAP.
I was gonna say the same. D:

Eddie said...

lol I Play these games with a scorpio every now and then and i can totally see where you are coming from :) ....I am not too different myself ... and that extends to sports :D ...

The Me. said...

OmG seriously. Mood kharab ho jata hai haaro to.
Me and my cousins play pictionary alot and temperatures run high. Very. I love. :Dto.
Me and my cousins play pictionary alot and temperatures run high. Very. I love. :D

Furree Katt said...

my brother has forced me to play NFS with him practically since the day he was born! -_-
I USED TO LOVE BARBIE GAMES ♥ and the only game where i MUST win otherwise my life is an epic fail: Bubble Trouble. (i've never won)

Sidra said...

'...and am a very sore loser.'

So true :')

Guy From Karachi said...

So, that means you're sort of competitive! I am too. Whether a game, or a sport, even if its a friendly, I cant stand to lose. EVAAAR.

Btw, nice blog. Following :)