Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I never knew how much I depended on my laptop until now. You know. Now that its gone. Not here. Left me alone. Alone...

Okay, I'll stop. But seriously. All my entertainment + work was there. Now... its like I have nothing I can do. I have tons of work piled up but I can't work on the P.C. its too hot up there. And then Wapda, oh so helpful.

And as soon as I came home today, I got wonderful news.

My laptop's hard disk can't be recovered.

First reaction: heart attack. Kinda.
Second reaction: panic.
Third: More panic. Denial.

Guess why. Besides the obvious. It has ALL MY DATA ever since I joined G.C.U. And its a lot of data, trust me. 10 months worth of case reports, portfolios, presentations, assignments, etc, etc. I can't begin to explain the extent of the stuff I've lost, no exaggeration here.

And don't give me that shit about creating back-up I have excuses for that. Being dumb and ignorant for one. The second that my laptop's C Drive took up all 325 GB. The other drives were allocated mere MB's so I couldn't exactly save my stuff there.

AND MY PICTURES OH MY GOD. I started actually taking photography seriously since last year. AND GUESS WHAT THAT'S ALL GONE TOO. THAT is actually more heart-attack worthy than my case reports.

So... I just needed to tell someone. Okay.


ovais said...

Sorry =/

I should say funeral prayers for your hard disk, I guess =/

And um, happened with me so many times that I keep all my stuff on my hotmail & gmail emails as backup now.

Worth a try for when you get a new hard disk =/

Amna Siddiqui said...

I feel really bad for you :(

I lost all my poems once. Broke my heart, it did.


Maryam said...

Sad news. So sad.
Wapda? Uhh, KESC is no less. |:

Eddie said...

well. after this disastrous experience... the first thing that you should do is go buy a portable hardisk of 1 terabyte. Its around 8000 rs. Or you can buy 320 gb or 500 gb ones. they are cheaper. and use them as backupdrives. Every Laptop has a backup and recovery option where you can simple click a few buttons and it creates a single backup file of all ur data on ur portable hardisk. Try doing that next time. Just a suggestion...

hope God gives you the strength to get over this loss :)

ovais said...

I should sell my portable hard drive here.

RS 8500
320 GB

It should make you laugh even if you don't buy the hard disk :p