Friday, June 24, 2011


We had these lectures on Gestalt Psychology. I didn't understand a word. I don't know what its supposed to be about. Anyway.

The teacher had this idea that we should write down something that we didn't like (or didn't agree with) about our parents' opinions. Why? I haz no idea. But we had to do it so:

Staying single after age 20 is not the end of the world. My mom would sometimes beg to differ.

I believe in co-education. My father doesn't.

I love hip-hop. My parents think its a sin (nangi larkiyan, tauba Astaghfaar!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Standing at the cafeteria, bad sad mad mood:

Random Girl: Uncle, MENTUS hai?
Cafe wala: Jee?
CW: MentOS? Nai jee... MENTOS nai hai.

She really made me laugh.
Attendance at the hospital:

Psychologist: Maryam? She yes. Madiha? She naat. Sameet? She come.

Diagnosis issues:

Me: The supervisor told me its Post-partum Depression, not Major Depression. 
Friend: What?!
Lovely psychologist at the hospital:

You sit. Client sit. Mother owt. Isolate.
While telling lovely psychologist about my client:

Vut? Pseudo. Pseudo history. Pseudo drama. No prablum. Only act, behuda bakwas.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is my 600th post, hence the title.


I was thinking we should have a blogger meet up in Lahore too. I'm not talking about you 12-somethings. Sorry. But we should. Just because its happening everywhere else, not because I particularly want to. Haha. Sorry, moar.

Phir be.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I never knew how much I depended on my laptop until now. You know. Now that its gone. Not here. Left me alone. Alone...

Okay, I'll stop. But seriously. All my entertainment + work was there. Now... its like I have nothing I can do. I have tons of work piled up but I can't work on the P.C. its too hot up there. And then Wapda, oh so helpful.

And as soon as I came home today, I got wonderful news.

My laptop's hard disk can't be recovered.

First reaction: heart attack. Kinda.
Second reaction: panic.
Third: More panic. Denial.

Guess why. Besides the obvious. It has ALL MY DATA ever since I joined G.C.U. And its a lot of data, trust me. 10 months worth of case reports, portfolios, presentations, assignments, etc, etc. I can't begin to explain the extent of the stuff I've lost, no exaggeration here.

And don't give me that shit about creating back-up I have excuses for that. Being dumb and ignorant for one. The second that my laptop's C Drive took up all 325 GB. The other drives were allocated mere MB's so I couldn't exactly save my stuff there.

AND MY PICTURES OH MY GOD. I started actually taking photography seriously since last year. AND GUESS WHAT THAT'S ALL GONE TOO. THAT is actually more heart-attack worthy than my case reports.

So... I just needed to tell someone. Okay.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ye Kaise?

Guess what. Meri Windows urr gayee. Yay me.

The first time in my life that I complete my work before deadline and this happens.

NAGS'11 - Aa Raha Hai.

Being vain and selfish, I only mentioned my own event.
There are tons more:

Photo Essay
Short Film
Dress Designing
Short Story (English/Urdu)
General Quiz
Funny Dubbing

-Electronics Event
Technical Quiz
Speed Wiring
Speed Programming
Circuit Designing
Project Exhibition
Best Idea
Robotic Race
Robotic War

Again, email at if you're interested.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

NAGS'11 - Anay Wala Hai.

The reason for my previous post:

There's a huge-ass event happening in G.C.U. which includes Photography (obviously) and I'm the event head. One thing I neglected to mention in my post was that its only for universities. So Ali and Maryam, no scene =P

The details of the event are still being finalized and I'll post up the rules soon. The website, page, advertisments are all under development so you won't see them yet. Except for the lame page up there on the right. 

I'd love it if you guys participated because the invitation's going out to as many universities as we can reach in Pakistan.

If you're interested, contact me here:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So, how many of you are interested in photography?

Pakistan only, please.

Aur ye serious sawaal hai -.-

Sunday, June 5, 2011


She opens her eyes slowly, squinting in the dim light.
Her breath rushes in, then out in jagged sounds.
Fear is a living breathing thing inside her.
Something's wrong, very wrong, whispers her mind.
Her heart is pulsing, beating, thrashing its way out of her body, like her whole being is one massive heartbeat.
Her mouth is dry, her tongue sour.
She draws in a lungful of air, wincing as it cuts her sore throat like pieces of serrated glass.
Her senses scramble to make sense of what is happening to her, but her mind refuses to accept it.
She can see it but she won't recognize it.
She closes her eyes fast, as nausea and dizziness make waves inside her, threatening to overtake her consciousness.
She makes a noise; tiny mewling sounds, a new born baby, a tiny kitten.
Things crawling, inside her mind, inside her brain, inside her.
She can't get rid of the fear; the crippling, numbing, paralyzing fear that has her in its choke-hold.
She screams loudly.. In her mind.
Her mouth and throat are blocked, obstructed with a metallic unknown; a production of her own self.
She opens her eyes; darting them wildly, all over.
Something bad is about to happen.
Don't know what or how or why.
This inexplicable feeling. 

Dark. Fear. Metal. Black. 

There's no end in sight.

I really, really, really hope I'm wrong.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I've reached breaking point.
10 months now, and all I've heard is how inept, stupid and worthless I am.
NOTHING about the patients I've helped, nothing about my securing 4th position in semester finals, etc.

For once, just for once I'd like to hear something nice about myself.

Self pity ho ya jo bhi, I need reinforcement. I can't function like a robot. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Qudoo Gosht 2.

My sister is an idiot.

Loser si.

A friend of mine had an old man as her patient. When she told us this part of the interview, we died laughing... Intelligent questioning thi boht.

Patient: Baji, mein bathroom se farig ho kar ata hun to zehni tension ko bara sukoon ata hai. Phir kuch dayr ke liye soch ruk jati hai.

S: Acha? Bathroom mein kis cheez se farig ho kar atay hain?

Patient: Baji... Potty kar ke, aur kis cheez se =/