Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aa Vay.

I really wanted to let my previous post go on for some time but my brother has this on T.V. and I just couldn't resist.

You may not find it funny.

I find it hilarious. Not because of the Punjabi. Because of the voices. The script. The sound effects. Zabardast. Also the the gaaliyan.


FYF said...

Have you seen Tedi SimSim? It's The Simpsons in Punjabi and they run it on Geo and UFF it's just epic.

Maryam said...

I have! Hahaha I love that =D

Maryam said...

Tedi SimSim is awesome too.
Love it. :) x

Eddie said...

hahahaha oye murliiii hahaha ... classic. Gave a laughing start to my monday morning :D

Maryam said...

Haha I'm glad =D

This and Tedi Sim Sim has (have?) me in fits.

Eddie said...

you may like this one as well