Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kal 7th March Hai.

Holidays are over as of tomorrow.

It is sad. Saddest.

My teachers on the last day of semester 1: You'll start missing the university after two days. Trust us, you'll be crying and begging to go back.

Us: Heh, don't think so.

Teachers: *smug smiles* Oh, you will.

-------------------------16 days of holidays later--------------------------------------

Me: I don't wanna go back.


A: Can't we take a few more days off?

S: No. I don't wanna go.

Sigh, the illusions of our teachers. I spent 16 COMPLETELY unproductive days, and I was blissfully happy.


MagicalMe said...

for me, first 3 days of hols - loving the freedom. proceed to 4th day - boredom attack, nothing looks more inviting than the prospect of going back. approximately 3 days later - get so used to the freedom and start loving the hols again and never wish to go back =D

hera k said...

Peekaboo!!! I dropped by here because I have so much work to do that I DONT WANT TO DO IT :P so I am trying to convince myself I am free and blog hopping. *deceiving the mind*

Oh trust me you WILL miss uni and all that comes along with it so so much. Ask me! Wait till you drop to a land where deadlines mean deadlines. Enjoy the're currently in the land of the free..... ;)

Love ya loads!!

Aseela Haque said...

School sucks. Holidays are awesome.

That is all.

Furree Katt said...

totally agreeing with MagicalMe!

Dawson said...

Life for me, is productive only if its spend enjoying holidays... waiting for them is a BIG waste of time.
16 days
you lucky, lucky you.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...
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Hamza Bin Ladin said...

*Echoes Magical me*

Yea the first 3,4 days are OKAY,the rest is total Torture and during that one wants to go back 2 school but then in the last two days who think WHY the HELL I din't enjoy me HOLS ,the passed like Lightening..:P

Raway Upside Down said...

I'm good, Maryam. Marriage life is different but so far so good. My wife's a doll...seriously...and no, she's not Chucky :P

Time for you to get married soon =)

Maryam said...

MM: I don't get bored in holidays anymore. I cherish each day. I've spent too much time without any holidays =P

Hera: Haha, I know I'll miss it, but complain kar ke bara maza ata hai. Love you too!

Aseela: Win.

FK: <3

Dawson: I was, wasn't I.

Hamza: Haha, just wait till you get to where I am =P

Yawar: Awwwwwww, I like your wife already. No marry for me.

Moonie said...


Saaleha said...

YOU'RE IN GCU? GCU was on my list of universities to go to next year. Along with Kinnaird, FCC, and BNU. Since you already go to University in Lahore pliss help. KOOL/FAZOOL? PLISSPLISSPLISS

Sidrah said...

I know.. Holidays.. boring or whatever.. are so peacefully awesome.