Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scrambled Eggs.

Scene: Me sitting in B's car, with B in the middle and her cousin by the door, pointedly ignoring us.


Me: *glare* 

B: JABBER-Lawn clothes!-JABBER-JABBER-Deepika maadal!-JABBER.

Me: *stares out window*

B: Blab, blab, OMG she's so hot!, blab, blab, blab.

Me: *huge sigh* When will you stop?

B: Stop what? *talk, talk, talk, more deepika and Firdous Lawn talk*

Me: *bangs head in front seat*

B: You crazy? *jabber, jabber, jabber*


-I hate talking in the car. I have motion sickness, therefore car rides make me ill. I. Hate. Talking. In. The. Car.


Muhammad Hamza said...

ha ha ha many of us DO have few idiosyncrasies in our personalities and I share this one with you..!!

Furree Katt said...

i hate it when people go on and on about clothes!

LionessWithoutAPride said...


talking in the car. When my cousins are all in town, we pile into our car and go out to dinner, and we JABBER JABBER JABBER ALL the way.

I love cars. They're like home sometimes. When we go on long road trips, my sister and I take turns and sleep at the backest-back part of the car. We keep pillows and blankets and stuff. ;D

God. I REALLY love cars. I just realized. :|

LionessWithoutAPride said...

That cat is scary as HELL.

spiral universe said...

talking in the car may not be an issue for me, but these huge billboards every two feet away with everyobody's lawn collections seriously annoy the shit out of me! i mean why is suddenly this *designer lawn* all the rage?!
people are so faarigh, i must say...

LionessWithoutAPride said...

Mmmm. Scrambled eggs.

Asma said...

haha i dont like talkin in the car..ilike tto see outside the window:P

AcetylCholine said...

I used to have motion sickness as a kid. Now It doesn't affect me that much. I can eat all I want while traveling now.

Tinuviel said...

I hate Deepika and lawn in general. Fuck that shit, I'd jump out of the car or punch someone lol.

Sidrah said...

haww -_-

Lovely cat, btw

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