Monday, February 7, 2011


That word just makes me crack up.

Acha, anyway.


You know my horrible, terrible history of not studying, yes? I had a really tough paper today and I didn't study (I have a pathological disorder, so sue me) the two days I had for prep leave. So today: exam morning, I got up AT 4:35 A.M. TO STUDY. ME. Yes, I think its huge cause I've never ever done that. Never never ever. I sound like a child with a language disorder, I know.

But phir be. Yay me? Although the paper went badly. Haha. We'll see though.

I've been getting so much junk mail, its weird. On an average, 20-40 mails a day. I've had to set my junk filters to exclusive and most comments go there too although I regularly scan the junk mail folder like an idiot, hoping for your comments. Loser that I am. So I've been getting these e-cards from a Secret Admirer O_o.
No, I didn't open them. But I've been getting one almost every other day for the past week.
So weird. 

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A Great Liar said...

20-40 mails a day!!! and a secret admirer on top of it! It must be like being a celebrity. Lucky you!