Saturday, January 22, 2011

Laal Lipstick.

I can't remember when I had this much fun.

Oh, wait I can.

But not THIS much fun. Not where I got to dress up like... that.

I'm thinking of getting a massive haircut. Like chopping all my hair off. Its pretty long now, to my waist. Which might not be saying much, since I'm 5 foot nothing but still =P

I have such a strong craving for Lays. Salt and Vinegar. Oh hey, I heard there are new flavors out. Has anyone tried them?

I keep think I should switch to Zong but I love Warid. Although I want to KILL them for their repeated annoying promotion messages. I'd use their own message blocking service to block them, if I could -_-

I need new shoes. I've lost interest in buying new clothes. Its such an effort to design everything. Bus.

I don't know how to drive. High time I learned but the traffic in Lahore scares me.

I was thinking I want a DSLR but I fell in love with my camera all over again today.

Sleep deprivation makes me high. Really. I've tested my hypothesis multiple times and I end up with the same result: Proved.

I can't wear pretty/sexy shoes anymore. My feet are so sensitive, nothing but joggers work =(

Red lipstick suits me, methinks. Ha, go ahead. Shoot me. You're allowed =P

I LOVE the color purple. And metallic colors make my mouth water.

I like stubble. I mean I like guys with stubbly chins. Just to watch. I'm gonna shut up now =P

P.S. I am sick of cute guys turning out to be younger than I am. Way younger. Every cute guy. Am I older than all of you?! This is bloody unfair.


Roshni said...

red lippy is quiet a trend everywhere fo some reason. Pictures! :P

Anonymous said...

zong sucks!warid is awesome :)

Maryam said...

Haha Roshni, if I had any tameez-daar pictures trust me I'd have uploaded them =P

Anon: Okay thanks =)

Dawson said...

You were so right about having pretty much in common. :)
You're like the lost me. :P

Maryam said...

Haha, really? Aw that makez me happeh =D

Rolling Stone said...

Cute blog...liked it.:)

Maryam said...

Thank you! =)

Furree Katt said...

you should get a haircut if you really want to. i had waist length hair too, i chopped it all off to a boys crop when i was 13 =P
i didn't try the new Lays flavours yet. my favourite was always and forever will be French Cheese.
i hate the Warid messages too. i get so excited when a message comes and then i find out it's nobody. =P
i wanna see you in red lipstick =O
and it's the same situation with me when it comes to liking guys, even though i'm not even 17 yet. hot older guys elude me. ;(
I LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH! it was long and i felt contented after reading it, somehow. =P

Maryam said...

FURREE! I chopped off all my hair when I was 13. And I've regretted it ever since. So I'm cautious now. French Cheese is always and forever the best ever. Haha, I feel exactly the same way about the Warid texts =P

I loved your comment =D

AcetylCholine said...

Being five-nothing is awesome. *High five

And I'm sick of faling for guys who turn out to be seniors in my OWN bloody university. -_-

Maryam said...


Senior is GOOD. At least they're not your juniors =(

nZ! said...

I was wearing a laal lipstick a while ago! =p [yes, at this time of night]

Lays salt and vinegar, an ultimate louuve! ;)

Stubble reminds me of something.. =p and I better shut up now!

H.T said...

red nail paint with laal lipstick :p
and I want to learn to drive too :/

LionessWithoutAPride said...


DSLRs ARE SO BLOODY SEXY!! My friend has one, you remember my scandalous dp? That was a DSLR :O They just make photos into stories, you know *sigh*


I like guys. FULL. STOP. Younger, older, WAY OLDER, WAY YOUNGER - who cares? Y and X, they're so SAX! :P Heh.

LionessWithoutAPride said...

Also, I think I want to be one of those women that wear red lipstick to work with their hair all sleek and strut around in Van Heusen pencil skirts gosh I LOVE IT! I have Maybelline ;) Do you know about the lead test? You have to rub a little on your hand, and then rub some gold article over it, and if it turns black it has lead! Never worked for me, though.

Rahomie said...

red lipstick? My oh my :p

Maryam said...

nZ: I'm glad we have stuff in common. Stuff like the lipstick and stubble ;)

HT: I'm scared shitless. Haha.

Lioness: My hair grows really slow, so I'm hesitant na. I HAVE PICTURES. I'LL SHOW YOU. No I didn't know about that lead test, thanks! I'll try it out =D

Rahomie: Yes oh yes =P

Alpha Za said...

Shaved Head and wear wigs. it'll be awesome.

Ketchup flavoured lays are awesome. the canadian ones are better. Cravings.

don't they make pre-made clothes?

Mobilink all the way!

Purple is awesome.

Maryam Reza, lover of men with stubble check. Put that in your preferences for the Shaadionline profile that I'm going to make for you! Done!

Maryam said...

I hate Ketchup Lays.

Ready-made clothes are available. They're all bigger (I haz no size?!) and most are sleeveless. So.

Mobilink is so mehnga!

Purple is indeed awesome.

ShiaSpouse dot com is better than Shaadi online ;)

MagicalMe said...

I want to hug this post <3 And like FK said, I felt kinda contented after reading, FILLED, if you get what i mean :D


I love Lay's har tarah ke EXCEPT SALT AND VINEGAR :o

Metallic colours - omgg i love them too

love the post love the post and again - LOVE THE POST :D