Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Its strange how almost every suicide bomb blast takes place on days significant for Shias. Isn't it?


It really isn't.


Nushay. said...

Pehlay, the header picture is amazing. your blog looks delicious

secondly, i just noticed the pattern too and made a comment on that. What the hell is going on

Dawson said...

What's preposterous is how those who are supposed to notice it take no measures against it.

Every time, they claim to have 'security'. What's the use of such inefficient 'security'?

I just hope the innocent survive in this. And the culprits face the music of their actions.

Furree Katt said...

i know, right? and i had to attend three different majlises, in different parts of the city. 'twas scary.

Pakistani. said...

these blasts are meant to divide, and thats what they are doing. its up to you to decide; what are you first, a shia, a muslim or a pakistani? i, along with a lot of other people, think every pakistani no matter what religion or what sect of religion deserves to live. and an attack on any pakistani is an attack on a PAKISTANI meant to destroy the basic unity that us pakistanis need to have.
I am sorry that you feel this way. and I really really pray all this nonsense stops soon. But please don't think of yourself as a part of a separate group. I hope you understand what I mean.

Rolling Stone said...

that sounds pitiful...
although I dont know much about Pakistan... but even Americans' know that shias pose a greater danger to there supremacy worldwide...as they have seen in Iran and Palestine..
So it can be deduced that its all a conspiracy at larger level to deter shias.