Thursday, December 16, 2010


I started this new status rave too. You know. Give me a number, I'll be oh-so-nice to you on my status. Blah. The statuses were really hard to write because you have to come up with new and inventive ways of telling everyone the same thing. That they're nice and you can't live without them. So, anyway. The interesting thing is the reactions I got after updating my status just cracked me up (and some made me go all 'awww'). One status (honest wala tha ye) went out to a really close friend. Here's what happened (I was too lazy to edit) *gaali alert*:

A: i wana do this thing too. uni ki friend ne kia. oshi ne kia. ap kar ri ho. but i dont have nice things to say about people. LOL

Me: haha i know which is why i wasn't doing this pehle
but i figured what the heck
buri cheezein be likh dun gi

A: isi liay na awesome ho tum.

Me: love you
number bata

A: bataya to hai sali
parhti hai nai
bantay rakh le tu
choti to hai he
sath sath nazr bhi kamzoor.


A: acha nai mera baby
lamba chaura
gora chita
bilkul sahi nazr wala

M: hahaha kuttiya hai tu

A: han maaloom hai

M: *after status update* ja parh mar le

A: haramzadi he rehna
tu cheap
tera khandaan cheap
teri anay wali naslaein SARI cheap
loser tum
aur tumhara khawand
bas baki mein theek hoon
han now i m fine.

M: hahahahahaha

A: hahahah i love you too man
were the above stated love notes not enough to show you that :p


MagicalMe said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love such convos with close friends... galiyan dene main itna maza ata hai =/

Nushay. said...

and then you do this to me...


I love you, Mano Moti Khan =')

fatima- said...

the choti c o tum wala part is so kewlllllllllllllllllllll-