Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sab Sahi Kehte Hain.

Psychology parh parh ke waqai pagal ho jatay hain. Proof mulaahiza farmaiye:

Today I had a huge, huge test which included whatever we had studied up till now and let me tell we'd studied A LOT. I got home around 7 p.m. and decided I'd start studying in an hour.

Around 9, I sat in my bed staring at my window.

At 9:37, I pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep.

I set the alarm for 5 a.m., thinking I'd get up extra early and just give my notes a reading.

At 5 a.m., my alarm rang and I switched it off thinking "Aaj to chutti hai, jaldi uth ke kya karna hai?" And then promptly went back to sleep.

At 6 a.m., I woke up in a panic and jumped out of bed, grabbed my books and sat back on the bed. I stared out of my window some more, played with my mobile, messaged most of my friends and then stared out the window some more. Reluctantly, I fingered my notes and made little doodles here and there.

Around 7 a.m., my brain stopped working completely. I took 7 to be 9 a.m. and ran out of my room collecting my stuff, changed into puranay, paindu clothes and ran downstairs. Made chai, grabbed some more stuff and was out of my house and shivering outside in the for by 7:30. I started hyperventilating thinking "GARI KYUN NAI AI ABHI TAK?!" and then I noticed it wasn't 9 (the time I have to leave), it was 7:30.

I went back inside and sat back down very happy. Because now I could play It Girl and download stuff. No need to study for the test, OH NO. So that's exactly what I did and then went at my usual time.

When I came back home, I asked my sister "Tomorrow's a holiday for you too, right?"

Sister (Sid) *staring at me like I'd grown another three heads* "SHABAAAASH. Kahay ki chuti hai, beta? Aap ko be chuti nai hai".

Me "Oh... I thought kal Saturday hai".

Sid *more staring and shaking her head* "..."

P.S. This guy at my university added 8.5 teaspoons of sugar to a minuscule excuse of a Styrofoam cup of chai.


The Me. said...

Hahaha. Funny o.O .
You need a break =p .
And EWW! 8.5 tsps of sugar? *pukes, chokes and dies* x.x

Furree Katt said...

=DDDD i'm sorry, but that was funny.
my winter vacations have started, yay!
8.5 ahahaha O.O

LionessWithoutAPride said...

I love that word.

fatima- said...

ye bari mazay ki kahani ti