Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Things Never Change.

Maryam turned on her laptop at 2:00 p.m., with the very pious and noble decision of starting (for the first time in her life) her homework before Monday morning.

It is now almost 7:00 p.m.

How much have I done you ask? A lot. Yes, a lot.

I played It Girl and Sorority Life (no judging).

I talked to random people on FB chat, MSN and Google Talk (yes, simultaneously, I am an awesome multi-tasker).

I updated my Flickr account.

I called up my friends.

I talked to my dad on Skype. Who was in his office. Yes, in this same city.

I admired his newly shaved head. (Haji Dad, Mashallah).

I ate French Fries.

I scanned my taplop for viruses.

Then fiddled around with the Control Panel.

And my Hotmail account (which is screwed, btw ignore the crazy emails).

The biggest accomplishment? Joint conversation with Ugly Duckling and Ecstasies Unrevealed.

So, I'd say I need counseling or possibly Psychotherapy SINCE I HAVE 10 BLOODY REPORTS TO TURN IN MONDAY MORNING, 9:00 A.M. But I still have "insight into my problem" so I don't qualify.



uglyduckling91 said...

And no. No sisters. Pfft.
Did the scanning and everything fix the problem?

Ham best friends.

Word verification: prick

Maryam said...

Bus, bun gya tag. Not to worry.
I don't know yet, kal tak dekhti hun. Tell me if you get any new emails.

Ham bestest friends.

Word verification is another best friend. It KNOWS.

The Me. said...

Time wasting <3
Invited convos <3
French Fries <3

Roshni said...

andddd you updated blogger. niceeee.

SaJ said...

Haha, you scanned your taplop.
Not bad for five hours =D

Maryam said...

The Me: <3

Roshni: Haha, yeah but I did that day before yesterday =P

SaJ: Yes, I'm cool like dat =D

Nushay. said...

Humko tumsay pyaar hai
jiya bekaraar hai
aja meri bulbul
tera intizaar hai <3

mehreenkasana said...

You're a beautiful waste of space and potential. C'mere. Lemme kill you.

Minerva said...

haahhahhhaa! loved this!