Friday, November 26, 2010

I Love Cheap Songs.

No, really. I do =P

I know. I don't like the new header either. But I can't find anything... And I'm too lazy to search for something good.

If you have any suggestions, please rescue my poor, gay blog.

Thank you.


Roshni said...

pappoo cant dance sala o_0 the Oscar winner A.R.Rahman.
Seeee the irony? :p

The Me. said...

It ain't bad. *thinking waala msn smiley*

Anonymous said...

my name is shiela shiela ki jawani!

Maryam said...

I'm too sexy for you!


Maria said...

Hahaha zomg! I do too!!
"Bangley ke peeche" wala there's this song.
I kinda like the gay template, btw.
the headers have many pictures in the new *design templates*

Maryam said...

Maria, The Me: Okay, then. The gay header stays. For now at least =P

Maria said...

*does the happy gay-header-staying dance*