Saturday, November 13, 2010

12 Days.

Does this mean I've started getting a life? Ha, no thanks =P

I've decided I made the biggest mistake of my life choosing Psych as my major. And that too Clinical Psych. I should have saved up and bought a kick ass camera and should have gone to photograph other people's weddings. Because I'm good. Oh, yah. Haha, no really. I wish I could do that. But anyway.

No updates from the GCU side. Not that there aren't any. Quite a few, in fact. I'm just too lazy to go there. Picasa 3 used to be my best friend but is failing me now. Picnik is too fake. And I'm too dumb to learn Photoshop. Hm. I'll make that my summer project. If I get a weekend or two off, no summer holidays for me.

My attention span only seems to last a few seconds -_-

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Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Wana trade fields... i be in psych and u be in the telecom field...