Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12th of October and 2010.

So, mama's started to respond to medication. After 10 horrible, scary days. She's getting better. Thank you all so much for the love and support and texts and calls, it meant a lot to me =)

As far as the new university is concerned, now I'm sure they're trying to kill us. Nobody and I mean nobody has a schedule and work-yourself-to-the-grindstone policy like we do. Sab ki M.S. degree is relatively relaxed and laid back. While we are having breakdowns and facing paranoia and hysteria before every class and guess what? Its only the second week.

We're supposed to get a welcome party this Friday. We were happy. Then I found out that its going to be in our very own classroom, not in any hall, thank you very much. In ko halls ki kami hai? OH, yes mustn't miss out on the other happy news. We have classes before the party. How fun. Take your morning class then go and eat lunch then stare at your seniors trying to amuse you with... Well lets not go there. That's not what I'd call any sort of party. That's what I would call something that MUST be missed. Make your own plans, go somewhere, for Chrissake just give us some money and we'll go out ourselves if that's what you want. I mean, what?! How boring. Har waqt parhai. I ALWAYS get stuck in places like these while my sister has all the fun with a black and white themed welcome party that if nothing else starts in the evening. Did I mention I have mine at 12 noon?

*rolls eyes*

Okay, enough with the bitching I'm sure you guys get sick of me but honestly? This is what I have my blog for, I don't complain anywhere else =P


nZ! said...

Glad to hear about your mother.. =) She'll be perfectly alright soon InshaAllah.

And you are scaring me from my MS too.. =/ I was very enthusiastic about it enrolling right after my graduation.. But if that's what happens then I might take a break... :s

Rahomie said...

good to see she's doing well now :)
Hope she's perfectly alright sooon.

Oh yea, our welcome party is on thursday too. The seniors told us it's supposedly very lame though :(

fatima- said...
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fatima said...

so glad-

have loads ov fun =p


Maryam said...

nZ: DO NOT take a break, trust me its that much harder with every year. If you've freshly graduated, go for M.S. straight away otherwise it'll be really hard.

Rahomie: Can't be worse than mine =(

Fatin: Love you <3

Nushay. said...

Good to hear Aunty is getting better. My prayers are with you guys

Also, parties at 12 with classes before them remind me of Eid Milan parties in third grade at LGS that started at 10.
Now isn't any differnet. Our welcome was after our last exam of the first year. And, it was 2 hours after the exam. Fun.