Sunday, September 26, 2010


I was a self-righteous bitch at school with an attitude problem due to major attacks of shyness. I couldn't talk to anyone without my tongue tying itself in knots, and by anyone I mean ANYONE. Class mates, juniors, workers, teachers. I was THAT shy. Most of my college friends who read this will have heart attacks and die (shock se) but really. I was. That.

Now, for this exact reason I didn't have a lot friends at school. Total opposite in college (thank you God) but school was horrible. It was hell for me. My fault, my problem, blah blah. I was a child! =P

So, the point of all this nonsensical nonsense is that I miss that. One of my few regrets about school life. I see all my school friends being there for each other at every occasion (FB zindabad), be it weddings, or aftaris, or sleepovers or just plain 'hey, let's meet up' days. I want that too. I don't have the kind of friends that would stay with you for years and years and even if I did, its different with school friends. You know. They've known you since ugly Grade 1 stage till all the other classes until school ends. That's special. And I realize now how much I messed things up in school.


I'm completely different now so maybe that counts for something =D


uglyduckling91 said...

You could visit schools and make friends there.

Whattay idea.

Maryam said...

No, I haz you now. Galfrind aw <3

uglyduckling91 said...

NO! -_-

Maryam said...

Now, now *pats head*
No need to get all cranky now -_-

uglyduckling91 said...

You girl.

Ubaid said...