Sunday, September 19, 2010

Of Bags.

There's nothing like buying something frivolous and/or useless to lift up your spirits after an exam that seemed like a cruel joke fate played on you. Yes, its a girl only thing. Jo bhi.

GAT was a cruel joke fate played on me. So, I would not like to discuss it.

However, mera GCU ka admission depends solely on this ghatiya test and... Well. See what I mean about cruel joke? I've been accepted, cleared the Clinical Psych test and interview both, and now if I don't pass GAT, ADMISHUN NAWT GRANTID. FU, I say -_-.

P.S. I never really realized just how lucky I am and have been throughout my life. I have never yet failed at anything I attempted and that's not because of me because I stopped working hard a long time ago. That's because of Him, up there. I am really very fortunate and I often forget that in my petty little sorrows and pity fits. There are very few people who can actually claim that they are living their dream. The day I first set foot in GCU, I just sent up one little prayer: Please God, let me come here. And to the last minute, I kept fighting and wasn't even willing to apply (some squabble over subjects and stuff). And now look at me. Here I Am. Even if they don't accept me, I know that I passed where it counted. I got my dream. And I'm one of the lucky few.

So, thank you.



Jaded said...

I HATE GAT-Subject Tests!! HATE 'EM HATE 'EM HATE 'EM!!!

and now that I'm over that, good luck! :)

Maryam said...

Mine was actually GAT General which is a thousand times worse, it has MATHEMATICS O_o.

And I gave the exam today just waiting for the dreaded result now. Thanks =)

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Good luck.. :)

Alpha Za said...

I'm sure you kicked ass! Don't worry, as my Dad once told me (alright, maybe it was more than once)

'Just do your best and let God do the rest.'

It's a pretty worthwhile deal.

hera k said...

All the best!!!! Hope you get the admission. I dont really know much bout Lahore colleges. Per kher what the heck I will still shout out ALL THE BESTTTTT!!!

Alpha's comment is something I had heard too once in my life. You know when I was about to have my first home exhibition of my earrings I was soooooo nervous the night before. What if nobody turned up? What if people just looked at the earrings, smiled and went back home without buying anything? Eeeek! I was losing it! Then my cousin told me that you've done the best you could have, and from now on you've handed it over to Him, now its His choice. Whether He wants you to succeed at this or not.

Now when I look back I know He wanted this for me and He has His own ways of showing us where to go right.

And since you're living your dream, then there's nothing to lose =)

Roshni said...

good luck and well done for gtting this far =))

Ubaid said...

Best of luck :)

• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...

besta luck;)

gonna have exams:(