Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Die, GG.

Gossip Girl is driving me MAD. I HATE Dan in this season, Serena is and always will be a slut and Jenny is wah, bhai wah. Yeah, yeah I'm getting way too emotional about a dumb soap but seriously, how screwed up can you be? They touch new limits and cross weirder lines in every episode why are they so fucked up? I literally feel like banging my head against the wall. Wohi cheez, bar bar, bar bar. Bus be kar dein. Koi aqal wala plot daal dein. But then again, its idiots like me who keep watching for more lame plots. Blair aur Chuck ki mismanaged, unlucky zindagi ne to sad kar diya. Kya, yar. Acha bhala tha sab kuch. My rose colored glasses are so shattered now.

I know. You've lost all respect for me. Koi nai, happens to the best of us.

Its a disease, I tell you.

Stay away.


The Me. said...

I stopped watching halfway through the second season. Bohut ho gya tha =p.

Shamsunissa Khatoon said...

Kara bhi dain Blair and Chuck ki shaadi, bohot hogaya hai! And it's high time Serena chooses ONE guy. Also, Jenny baby-skank hai, Nate sirf eye-candy hay. Dan is very stupid to fall for Georgina's plan, bohot jaldi hai daddy bannay ki -_- Vanessa needs a make-over and some variety of expressions. Juliet looks old-ish and botoxed, no?

Maryam said...

The Me: I'm starting the 4th =D

SK: I haven't gotten to this Juliet and you kinda ruined the Dan-Georgina mystery, mein wahan pauhnch ke stuck ho jati hun so thanks =P

And Vanessa. Haye meray Allah. Koi us ko bolna, dress karna, aur accessorize karna sikha de. is se behtar to hum hain -_-

The rest all agreed with.