Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bliss Hai Ye To.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING beats Hardees ka Mushroom and Swiss Burger <3 x infinity. 


• » ∂я.¢нιℓє ¢нєℓ¢ « • said...


Ubaid said...

I love the Superstar :D

Alpha Za said...

Can't wait for it to come to khi!

Alpha Za said...

btw, you are cruel, I'm starving. And nothing worthwhile is open.

It's like Ramzan without the sawab.

Maryam said...

UB: Superstar acha hai but still not as good as M&S. M&S. Ha =P

Alpha: Yes. I am cruel. I love food. And you shall see food pictures all over my blog. Muahaha. Lahore ajao, everything is open all the time =P

hera k said...

=( we dont have it here in Khi.....*sob*

Minerva said...


Tumhari aisi posts ke liye shayar ne kia khoob kaha hai.

Dil jalanay ki baat kartay ho.
Ashiyaanay ki baat kartay ho.

*curses Yemen*


Maryam said...

Hera: Dekha na, you should all come to Lahore =D

Min: I am truly sorry. But I am a glutton. And therefore think, talk, dream food. Aap bhi Lahore shift ho jao =D

Ubaid said...

ab toh I have to try this!