Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ab Bus Intazaar.

Ho gya interview. Umeed se behtar hua. The interviewers were VERY nice. Even though they know I was being dumb and avoiding questions I couldn't answer =P

To aur kya karti? Nai ki thi Clinical mein internship. Khair. Result's by the end of next week. If and IF I do get in, its still conditional because I haven't cleared GAT. Azaab khatam to honey nai, na.

Do pray. Plis keh rai hun =P

P.S. I lost my blog list =( those I forgot, please email me. Or FB pe galiyan de dena. With your blog link of course.

P.P.S. This is more of an Anushay type template but what the hell =P. You don't like it, its your job to recommend some good, fun templates. Acha?


Ubaid said...

hopefully you'll get in, balkay Inshallah you'll get in...

lol mai template bana kay dainay ka soch raha houn, but you won't like dark gloomy templates :p

Rahomie said...

i like it. the template. hot hai :D

Aur hojayega, inshAllah. Worry not ^^

fatima said...

1 day u-ll make me proud -

;) ujay ga =p