Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gornament Callij Unisenty.

Umer Khan, your comment cheered me up, it did =D - except for the spelling 'fairly well' part. I try to be much better than that, yes?

Anyway. The reason I've so pinned my hopes on GCU is because I have applied nowhere else being the dunbass that I am. Everywhere they ask for my result and I don't have it. So no admission. And Clinical Psychology is hardly a commonly offered subject. Hai kahan GCU aur PU ke ilawa? No, don't answer. I know kidhr hai but what the hell.

Btw, if its so bloody easy to get in there, how come all of my seniors applied and only one got in? My test was really bad maybe they'll take me =D

List 24th ko lagay gi. 12 baje ke baad, jee.


uglyduckling91 said...

Tension nahin laini bus. B]

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Clinical Psychology?.. Totally Cool!..
Can i be you first subject? *pretty please*

Seriously i need a Psychologist to study me....

Umer Khan said...

where's my comment? what did i say? why can't i see it? i am sort of moody so i type stuff and forget. but i also love reading what i write.

mubarik ho. 'fairly well' means really well. we understate for effect. like how hemmingway writes...understates stuff.

the reason why i applied to gcu was because they didn't have a test. times have changed.

psychology? that's good. it's the only good department. all decent nice people. eventually you'll come across dr asir. then all will be well.
shuru mein it'll seem like a really potty university. ghabrana nahin. GHABRANA NAHIN...after the first 3'll get used to it.

the reason why your seniors didn't get in was because they didn't have a regular gender. acha? you have proved one of two regular genders as yours. you have done well. Allah aap ko jannat ki bisharat de.

now then, business.

jald as jald debating society aa jana. we're connected. we're made. we're the mafia. the goodfellas. we're the wise guys. altho now that we've all graduated (inshallah) there's only retards left behind. haha but still.

Maryam said...

Umer, I can't see your comment on the blog but I got it in my inbox. What first three years? I have two years in total, applied for MS not Bachelors =P. Bari mehrbani. Cheering up, again. Thanks you. Comment morez.

Umer Khan said...

achA challo theek hai, phir to masla nahin hai. phir to theek hai. haan. sahi hai. phir to tum big girls scene kernay aa rahi ho. Allah ke hawalay. lekin do saal? pop up program mein? pata kerwa lo ke h.e.c recognized waghera hai ke nahin. baad mein naukri time masla na ho. baarhaal psychology dept ke log best hain. politics minimal hain. aik do kutti aunties hain lekin overall sari auntian achi hain. kutti aunties bhi basically closet lesbians hain iss liye sirf larrkon ko tung kerti hain. eidi denay wali type hain waisay. uncle bhi achay hain. student body potty ki bunni hui hai.
i was the only boy in a class of i dunno maybe thirty girls. maeri special treatment hoti thi. teachers mostly auntian hain. they liked having a boy around. it was the peak time of my brief stint as a male. altho generally gcu ki larrkian bearded buffalos hoti hain. lambi lambi daarriaan.

acha kher. mainay english lit major rakha tha. iss liye main pagal khanay mein kaed ho gaya. khudafiz.

Maryam said...

Pop-up nai hai. MSCP hai. HEC recognized, I think. Thank youz for the advicez I am needing thoz. But I heard Clinical Psych ka jo department head hai he is... Not good characterz?

Umer Khan said...

naam batao. anyway psych dept ki head aik khatoon hai. lekin naam batao.