Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can We Stop?

I hate being the responsible, dependable one. I know I have to be. But I hate it anyway.

I'm making Butter Chicken Toasted Sandwich for aftari. And I'm making it completely opposite to the recipe =P
(who would want to eat a deep friend sandwich?!) 

So besides that I'm craving mocha shake. And I need ideas for sehri because I CANNOT go on eating parathay for another 23 days =/

Din boht araam se guzr rahe hain. GCU ka admission test hai and I can't study. I'm even having trouble writing this blog post. I'm brain dead and surly and cranky rozay mein because I LOVE food =(

Sigh. What can I say. I'm a glutton.


Ubaid said...

hahaha poor you

and LOL am safe, we don't eat prathas in sehri :p mom make unique stuff :D

Roshni said...


Umer Khan said...

hi. i read what you said about not studying for the gcu admissions test (i didn't know we had one) and i thought i should tell you it's ok. you're not supposed to study to get into gcu. or have money even! you just need a regular gender, a regular pulse and the desire to be bored by petty politics and assholes.
which department are you applying to though? it doesn't really matter all departments are equally doofy. however the library is amazing and provides all sorts of opportunities to educate yourself or undo the damage that the underpaid poop heads at gcu subject you to.

over all. seeing as how you can spell fairly well and therefore have the ability to confuse all 'professors' at the glorious gc of u. (haha government college of university) you'll be able to get the best gpa ever. inshallah. they're so stupid they might even give you a 6.0

to sum up. gcu sucks ass. but it's worth it. i can't believe i just said that...but it really is. i hope you enjoy the meaningless perpetual sisyphusian rapefest that is...gornament collij u.