Sunday, July 4, 2010

Up and Down She Goes.

Are these crazy highs and lows because of the heat, the exhaustion or something entirely different? Its been an insane, CRAZY week. Its been amazingly good and stupendously horrible.

B, you were my so called best friend. And you let me down in the worst way possible. THE worst. Because this was the first time I really needed you and I pleaded with you to be there. I never, ever plead. You know that. And even then, you weren't there. Not when I needed you the most, so you know really, what's the point of pretending you're still going to be there in the future? Because if you weren't here at the most desperate and horrible time in my life... You won't be there ever. So I don't care if you read this and call me an unfeeling bitch, I'm through. Over.

As for the others. E, BK, J I love you guys. You've made my time here really amazing and seriously, I'm going to miss you like hell.

Its sad and sweet at the same time to know I've lost my oldest and closest friends, but gained three new and better ones.

Oh, God. My emotional drama will never stop, will it?

Ah well. Its a never-ending soap opera for you guys. Enjoy.


Sidra Ch. said...

There's a reason behind why people from your past don't make it to your future. :) Thank God for your new lot of friends and cheer up! :)

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hmm.... Cheer up i guess...

Komal Ali said...

I can relate to your situation so well.
Cherish the new ones. :)

Marina said...

i love the template. and yay for you :)