Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Rules.

So, Rahomie gave me two new rules to put in the previous list:

Oh, Maryum. I got 2 new points for your rules of examinations. People should not be allowed to discuss the freaking paper in front of you. And ohhhh yeah. Parents should not ask if you're gonna get an A or not. -_-

I agree completely. You know that feeling of enormous relief you get when you walk out of the examination room and you're all like wow, I'm glad that's over, paper was a bitch thank God I don't have to study for it now; and then all your friends come out and go like ohhhhhhhhhhhh mera ek objective question galat ho gya, tum ne kya likha? Haye yar, mere to 3 number gaye! Meine us question pe sirf 1000000 pages likhay thay, do you think that's enough? (and the question in question =P, is usually of 4-5 marks

I want to kill them. Like, literally. Here I am with barely 2 pages written on a 12 mark question and they're obsessing over whether their 10000 pages were enough. Its enough to make you go nuts.

And then the paper discussion part. Can you CUT that OUT?! NOBODY in their right mind would want to discuss their paper after the torture of going through it ONCE but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That's not enough for YOU, or YOU, or YOU, is it?! *points accusing finger*

Sometimes, I come out thinking I did a reasonably good paper. And then you start discussing it and most of it turns out to be wrong and half my marks fly out the window right there.

But. I think my teachers don't understand my handwriting. Maybe that's why I do sucky papers and end up with an A =D


uglyduckling91 said...

Hahahahahaaha @ "Meine us question pe sirf 1000000 pages likhay thay"
People do that. Kal Chemistry ka paper tha. They leave a whole page, A WHOLE PAGE, for a 2 marks ka answer.

Maryam said...

Woah, seriously?! Kya ho gya hai yar, in logon ne kabhi paper nai diye? Koi to hoga hum jaisa exam branch mein =P

uglyduckling91 said...

Kuch hotay hain hamari tarah jou ghalat kar atay hain. Laikin aglay aik dou hafton kay liye na khud bhooltay hain, na hamain bhoolnay daitay hain. :/

Maryam said...

Hahaha, true dat =P

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Im soo glad that im thru with exams stuff :D

Rahomie said...

We had to do our business paper on the question paper only. So they left like 5 lines for a 4 mark question which was pretty alright cause you couldn't write much on it.
As we're coming out of the hall, my classmate goes 'yaar woh chaar mark sawaal mein sirf 5 line chori hamaray liye'
So i go, 'there was nothing to write on it'
So she goes, 'jee nahin. Mein ne tou blank jaga par line banayein aur aur likha'
And i'm thinking, Jeez, they've given us 5 lines for a reason. Not so that we draw extra lines.
People are freaky. :P

shaguftaabbas said...

a few really are!! :D