Friday, June 25, 2010

Bulleh Shah.

The company arranged for a trip for us 8 interns to visit the Bulleh Shah Paper Mill - in Kasur. The reason being that they needed space in the department =P

But anyway, it was nice of them and the trip was FABULOUS. We got complete V.I.P. treatment over there (a first for all of us =P) and it was generally really good fun. The Mill is H-U-G-E. If any of you have seen Packages in Lahore, triple the size and then you get it similar to Bulleh Shah. Man its s frighteningly big. Pictures soon.

Other news - we've finally shifted. The amount of work is immense. I can't even think about how much there is to do =/

But we're all looking forward to it =)

Hope you guys are good.


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Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hope u enjoy the new home.... so wat kinda house warming gift u want? :P