Saturday, June 5, 2010

And Hello, Displeasure.

So far, these chutiyan suck big time. I've never had a worse couple of days off. One, the heat's intense and that's the master of understatements. Two, UNWANTED GUESTS WHO WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. Three, the maid taking days off because obviously, Maryam baji is home now, who needs maids when Maryam's home, eh?!

Okay, no that's not why she's taking days off. But seriously. Since this happens every single time when I'm home from university, I'm suspicious.

And there's one thing I never get. Why is it, WHY that whenever you have vacations, all you want to do is relax or watch seasons or read fun/funny/witty/sarcastic books and cook and go out with your siblings (yeah, that's all I want to do =P) AND when the sneaky maid takes days off... YOU HAVE GUESTS. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Guests, and not only your plain ol' guests - UNWANTED ONES AT THAT
* insert shocked gasp*. They make my life hell. Hell. I hate having guests over. I'm sorry, I just plain hate it. Always have, always will.

As for you, G? I can't wait till you go someplace else so I can finally act like happy/fun me, not this dark/moody/broody/snappy/irritated bitch I seem to be. Trust me, that's all your fault. Hell, yeah.

Yeah so I'm gonna go now - bye.


majworld said...

hope the guests read this post :)

uglyduckling91 said...

I'm sorry. ;'(

Roshni said...

Kehtein hain ke Mehmaan rehmat hote hain... but I kow what you mean.. if only we could pick these rehmat's ourselves..err...good luck with the guests dude

shaguftaabbas said...

Happy holidays! ;P

CrazyLady said...

Ugh mine are going similar. NOTHING TO BLOODY DO. I want to sit and watch seasons, but no my laptop has to go and kill it's soundcard. Biznitch.

Maryam said...

Maj: You know what? I hope so too =P

Ugly: Yeah, I'm sorrier =(

Roshni: Haha thanks!

Shagufta: Where's the happy =P

Crazy: Sound card ki cd le lo gareeb. Seconds mein theek. Jhatpat, janab, jhatpat.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Yea i dont like those unwanted guests either... i just try to run out of the house whenever they come... waisay im still waiting for that thing u had to tell us??