Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rules of Exams.

1. There should always be munchies, always, always - no exceptions.
2. Homemade chocolate cookies should be endless.
3. Everyone should text you (because you keep hoping for a reason to not study) but ironically, people don't even reply when you text them (out of sheer desperation).
4. Staring at the wall is a wonderful past-time and so is doodling in your notebook and if you're really frantic, even cleaning your room is acceptable.
5. NO-ONE out of your friends should constantly call/text asking 'kitna kiya hai? OMG, do you think ye zaruri hai?.
6. Utterly stupid questions like 'paper mein kya aye ga?!' should give you the right to spew out as many galiyan as possible - the worse the better.
7. Watching the grass grow, the paint dry are wonderful past-times.
8. Parents should not be allowed to ask 'kitne percent tayyari kar li?'.
9. They should also be warned of the ultimate mistake : meri/mera beti/beta to top karay gi/ga!
10. Yar, exams honay he nai chahiyen. Akhri semester mein to KHAS TAUR per nahi.


Rahomie said...

hayey! AGREED

Rahomie said...

haha. I love the penguin one.

K-ay said...

haha bilkul nahin!
Nice blog you have there :)
Love love love the header picture!

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Nice template... And yea i agree to the rules too..

Komal Ali said...

Awesome pictures! :D
'kitna parh lia?' is the most annoying question, ever.