Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OPTP Rules.

Who goes out the night before their final exam to gorge on yummy garlic mayo fries?

You guessed it.

Yours truly.

My friends have stopped eating and sleeping.

Heh, funnay.

I love fries <3

I worship OPTP.



Ubaid said...

Thats the way exams should be enjoyed...

I love sneaking out to meet my gf at like 2 - 3 am during exams coz its always easy when you are at a friends place =D

Higher.Intelligence said...

and someone worships your blog. . .

Salman! said...

lol you are making me remember my A level exam hehe, but no in ACCA, its freaking me out

Roshni said...

dude... biggest craving ever. =(

Rahomie said...

wah bhaii. And you didn't offer -_-
I love OPTP too. <3

Salman! said...

i know that i am putting this on every blog, but yes it is important, i need your prayers just once :P
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