Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Wish I Could Tell You.

You're every single thing you accuse me of being.
Every negative thing.
Every criticism you make.
You're projecting, you know that?

I hate you, sometimes.

You drive me insane with your compulsive repetition of the simplest things.

I hear you when you tell me once. That's enough.

And FYI? Most times, I DO know better than you and I've proved it countlessly. Try listening instead of accusing and bullying for a change.

You're so goddamn... aggressive in the most literal sense of the word. God.


Higher.Intelligence said...

Who are you referring to ? What's driving you crazy? Who's bullying you? AND WHY DONT YOU REPLY TO COMMENTS?????:@ :@ :@

The Me. said...

Haww. =\

Divaa Divine said...

ok no comments :|

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

@higher intelligence: she just doesnt...deal wid it...

@The Me: yea i know...

@Divaa Divine: my thoughts exactly..

@Maryam: Sorry i just felt like replying to the comments on ur post.. :P

Maryam said...

@ Higher: I do respond, just not every time. Its a friend I can't mention by name here.

The Me: Hanji, bilkul.

Lonely: I can answer for myself, thanks =P
I'd rather you comment on my posts