Monday, May 24, 2010

For the Last Time.

I've tried everything. I just can't study. Nothing works. I can't concentrate or focus - at all. I know I say this every time. But usually, I'm not worried. This time I'm panicking slightly. Because if I flunk this one... Goodbye HR. I really hope I pull through.

P.S. I lost a follower?! *heart attack*


Rahomie said...

SAME. I get distracted SO easily. Sigh. Damn you OLevels!

Salman! said...

*sigh* same here, inspite that i got ACCA, yet more important and harder than O Levels but still i am not able to concentrate even when the exam is 10 days away :/
just need prayers and wish you both good luck :)

Roshni said...

I can relate. Try taking regular breaks while revising... and treat yur self to something when you say memorize an answer... be realistic with what you can do in a given time and inshallah it'll all be ok. good luck.

Higher.Intelligence said...

Studying when exams are close is so UNCOOL. :P