Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloggy Awards.

So, the Blog Awards are being held tomorrow, somewhere in Karachi (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!). I are excited, yes. Because some of my friends have been nominated too, and I really hope they win =)

So, anyway. I'm still not telling you what I wanted to tell cause its not time yet. But I really want to. Haha. So that's one other thing I'm excited about.

My first exam went... Really bad. Expected. So no surprises.

My second exam is tomorrow and I still haven't even started studying. Somebody needs to hold a gun to my head right about now *offers gun*

I can't stop reading The Hollows series. I just love it.

And I can't stop watching Grey's Anatomy. That is love.


Rahomie said...

aren't you nominated too?

ahhh. I like grey's too but i love House more. That show is brill.

I have an exam too, but i'm blogging and stuff instead. And stuffing face. Sigh. :P

Maryam said...

R: I'm nominated, yes but I have absolutely no delusions about winning, the other blogs are WAY too awesome! Check out Xeb's and Tis My Say - you'll know what I mean.

Rahomie said...

Haan, i've seen xeb's. It's awesome.
But you can always hope. :D
And getting nominated is a big deal too. :D

Where are they being held? Let's go crash it! Free food xD

Maryam said...

Haha, Karachi =P

Chalo chalein. I have an invite just not a plane ticket =D

Rahomie said...

where exactly in Karachi? Hmmm. I'm in Karachi na :P

But that's SO sad. They should give plane tickets too. What if someone wins and they're not there? Tsk.

Maryam said...

You're in Karachi?! Go in my stead! Haha =P

Rahomie said...

i would, but crashing is SO much cooler, do you not agree? :P

So where are you located then? Lahore?

Maryam said...

Haha, agreed =P

Lahore, yes. Thank God. I don't think I could live anywhere else. And no, that's not bias I've lived in other places =P

Rahomie said...

well we have a beach so *sticks tongue out*

Are you like in uni or something?

Maryam said...

I am like about to graduate or something =P

I'm having my 8th semester finals. Is ke baad I shall be freeeee of the torture they mistakenly labeled 'Honors'.

Americanising Desi said...

all the best for the finals and wow awards eh - sitting home awards?