Sunday, May 30, 2010

Health ka Paper.

Kal hai. 400 pages se zyada ka course hai. Parha nai ja raha.

What do you do when you can't study?

I'll tell you what I do.

I make egg lasagna.

I drown it in white sauce (I make spectacular white sauce =D).

And eat it. Among other things. Among other things to eat, that is.. not other things to do with.. never mind.

How come there's such a craving for food when you're escaping from studying?

In the past three days, I've made ginger chicken, bitter-sweet chocolate cookies, and lasagna.

All I want to do is eat. So I don't have to think about that other world where I have to study.

Haye, when will this end =(

I will be a tub of fat by the time exams end.

Meri behn ki bloggy machliyaan itni bhooki hain. Meri tarah.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rules of Exams.

1. There should always be munchies, always, always - no exceptions.
2. Homemade chocolate cookies should be endless.
3. Everyone should text you (because you keep hoping for a reason to not study) but ironically, people don't even reply when you text them (out of sheer desperation).
4. Staring at the wall is a wonderful past-time and so is doodling in your notebook and if you're really frantic, even cleaning your room is acceptable.
5. NO-ONE out of your friends should constantly call/text asking 'kitna kiya hai? OMG, do you think ye zaruri hai?.
6. Utterly stupid questions like 'paper mein kya aye ga?!' should give you the right to spew out as many galiyan as possible - the worse the better.
7. Watching the grass grow, the paint dry are wonderful past-times.
8. Parents should not be allowed to ask 'kitne percent tayyari kar li?'.
9. They should also be warned of the ultimate mistake : meri/mera beti/beta to top karay gi/ga!
10. Yar, exams honay he nai chahiyen. Akhri semester mein to KHAS TAUR per nahi.

Friday, May 28, 2010

La La. I'm So Imaginative with Titles, No?

Thank you, Y, for waking me up at 4 a.m. the night before my exam and then going to sleep yourself. Really. Truly appreciate it. Ass.

Okay so this is my second exam when I've spent the night awake and as usual, devoting it to things more meaningful than studying - like dreaming , staring off into space, tuning in to radio, texting random friends and the list goes on.

No complaints - I like me that way =D

But I'm sleepy. Aur 7 baje se light be nai hai. Ab 9 baj rahe hain =/

Aj ka paper mushkil nai hai. I think. Counseling Psychology has to be the easiest subject, seriously. I'm actually looking forward to the exam. I just hope I don't jinx myself, haha.

Gotta go read the latest Hollows now. More updates later.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloggy Awards.

So, the Blog Awards are being held tomorrow, somewhere in Karachi (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!). I are excited, yes. Because some of my friends have been nominated too, and I really hope they win =)

So, anyway. I'm still not telling you what I wanted to tell cause its not time yet. But I really want to. Haha. So that's one other thing I'm excited about.

My first exam went... Really bad. Expected. So no surprises.

My second exam is tomorrow and I still haven't even started studying. Somebody needs to hold a gun to my head right about now *offers gun*

I can't stop reading The Hollows series. I just love it.

And I can't stop watching Grey's Anatomy. That is love.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OPTP Rules.

Who goes out the night before their final exam to gorge on yummy garlic mayo fries?

You guessed it.

Yours truly.

My friends have stopped eating and sleeping.

Heh, funnay.

I love fries <3

I worship OPTP.


May 24th ki Raat.

Maryam Reza didn't sleep at all that night.

... No. She wasn't studying.

She's just a fool.

Monday, May 24, 2010

For the Last Time.

I've tried everything. I just can't study. Nothing works. I can't concentrate or focus - at all. I know I say this every time. But usually, I'm not worried. This time I'm panicking slightly. Because if I flunk this one... Goodbye HR. I really hope I pull through.

P.S. I lost a follower?! *heart attack*

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Its basic human nature isn't it, to want what you don't have and then lose all desire for it upon acquisition? Sometimes. We're so pathetic. Especially when there are people involved.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Man =S

Facebook banned.

YouTube banned.

Ankareeb Google be bund kar dien ge.

Phir Hotmail.

Ab to parhna paray ga =/

We had our last day today - finally. It was awesome; the jam session alone lasted 2 hours. Good tayms, good tayms =D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yellow? Ha, They Kid Me.

You're yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It's hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can't get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!

- TestQ.


*busts a gut laughing*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We had this seminar on Hypnotism and Hypno-Therapy today. It was really interesting and the expert was a lot of fun as well as immensely knowledgeable - you're probably thinking 'yeah, obviously he'd have to be' but a lot of times they really aren't experts any more than you or I. But I digress. The guy was Max (Maqbool) Babri. Maybe you've heard of him?

So, I'm really fat and lazy right now and don't wanna type more.


Imma go be more fat and lazy and blog later =)

- Stay safe.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Times.

Its nice to be an inspiration =)

Photo Credit: Free Web Design - Inspirational Lighting.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I love this template. Its always been my favorite one by far.

I'm all hyped up, grateful and excited for so many things.

Except exams which are so very near and I don't feel like studying at all. But then, what else is new?

Final semesters shouldn't have exams.

I can't talk about the good-things-to-come yet cause now's not the right time.


You'll know soon enough.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of Lunches.

So. The impromptu lunch which seemed more and more difficult by the hour finally happened. And it was great.

Ziafat ka lunch cum hi-tea is really good. At least the Oriental section. The sweets were limited, the jelly was over cooked and way too sweet (I think they added extra sugar). But otherwise the food was really, really nice.

The company was good, fortunately ... Or at least part of it =P

But anyway. I'm glad we had this day.

Aur mera HR ka test be acha hua which is amazingly miraculously miraculous because I was not expecting to pass at all.

So yeah. Aj din acha tha =D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Saw Faeries.

I am SO bored with this template -_-

Soya hua lagta hai. Dull sa. Mara hua.

Meine kuch laal peela rakhna hai ab.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh Wow.

Just a week left. Wow.

I can't believe I'll probably never see you guys again.

Ha. No more cursing at your faces everyday?

Its just... wow. Um. I'm going on too much about this, nai?

Khair. I have to. Its like we can't stop talking about how its finally all going to end.

I mean... WOW. Lol.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Wish I Could Tell You.

You're every single thing you accuse me of being.
Every negative thing.
Every criticism you make.
You're projecting, you know that?

I hate you, sometimes.

You drive me insane with your compulsive repetition of the simplest things.

I hear you when you tell me once. That's enough.

And FYI? Most times, I DO know better than you and I've proved it countlessly. Try listening instead of accusing and bullying for a change.

You're so goddamn... aggressive in the most literal sense of the word. God.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Last Few Days.

Busy, busy week ahead. Barbecues, lunches, assignments, presentations.

Tests, parties.

I wonder what I'm going to do when I leave it all behind?