Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chaalay and Other Nonsense.

I have huge sores on my tongue. I know, its disgusting and all but seriously. I need to complain =P

I can't talk except for an incoherent mumble at which everyone points and laughs so staying mum is a better option, really.

I can't eat either. Except for tiny amounts of food mashed into huge amounts of raita. Lol.

Its been three days now and YES, I have applied Somo Gel, toothpaste, Glycerin and whatnot but obviously it has to run its course before getting better.

Let me tell you, for a person who is used to being shouted at "KHUDA ke liye 5 min chup ho jao!" this is HELL. HELL. I'm the kind of person who loves to talk. To anyone. About anything. Doesn't have to be meaningful. And this is the ultimate punishment. Having to stay quiet and hungry all the time. I looove food. And I can't have it because I will admit freely, I AM A COWARD WHEN IT COMES TO PAIN and when people expect me to 'bardaasht' the huge amounts of pain I have to handle if/when moving my tongue I want to bash their heads in.

So. Okay.



Ubaid said...

Mai bhi bohat bolta houn.... per i still don't know how to talk rudely and make people shutup! =/

The Me. said...

Hawww. Totally getting it! Mouth sores suck x.x
It really stings when you apply somogel right? =D

Equus said...

Get Well Soon!

mysh said...

Pum pum... *teases & giggles*


haha... me to0o. V talkative. Know wht u'r going thru!

Still! Muhahaha!

p.s. do get betta jaldi tho!

Ahmed said...

I hope it doesn't reach your throat. A piece of advice: Eat coconuts.

Maryam said...

The Me: Yes. Oh, yes. *shudder*

Equus: Thank you, I'm working on it =D

Mysh: =P

Ahmed: Thank you for the advice but the point is I CAN'T eat, lol.

Roshni said...

BONJELA. You should be able to get it from any pharmacy. With that said, try ice cream or something? *e-hugs*

Higher said...

How's your mouth now?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

ohh thts bad...